Deep Rooted Branding on the Karuna Website

Introducing a new product into the marketplace can be an uphill battle. With some clients, it’s just a whole lot of fun.

Karuna is a new line of natural beverages that will be hitting St. Louis shelves in January 2017. Started by Angela Zeng as a solution to the over-processed and untrustworthy big brands in the health food industry, Karuna is made from pure, pronounceable ingredients.

Angela is very passionate about the Karuna products. She develops and refines the processes with care. The brand boasts all natural ingredients, very little byproduct, and sustainability. This level of consideration has caused the brand’s early popularity, already attracting brand ambassadors from the St. Louis area.

A line of carefully curated, quality products like Karuna requires a website that is up to the same standard.

A Young Brand with Deep Roots

Karuna came to Paradigm as a work in progress. In fact, the Karuna name itself came from multiple ideas and refinements. Flood Creative created beautiful, meaningful work for the bottle packing and logo, featuring the Buddhist symbol of the Bodhi tree. After that, it was our turn.

We developed the Karuna brand tagline thoughtfully, considering the purity and nutrition value of the ingredients, along with the Buddhist elements. Aiming to tie together all aspects of the brand identity into one, we landed on “The Root of Good Health” for the tagline. This served as the creative foundation for the project moving forward.

Philosophy in Action

Each ingredient in the Karuna products is carefully chosen. Not only do these drinks taste amazing, they are nutrient rich and clean. The process itself takes tremendous consideration, sometimes using byproduct from one beverage to create another. We approached the Karuna website with the same level of care and quality in our craft.

As with most projects, we started with strategy and mood boards, to gather our thoughts for the brand. Angela’s passion for the Karuna products was contagious on this project! We quickly immersed ourselves in the brand’s philosophy.

Color Connection

Our use of color, in particular, emulated the beverages’ unique personalities. From the stark, crispness of the white, to the pureness of the deep black, we aimed to show the qualities and benefits of the ingredients. White commonly symbolizes purity in Western cultures. However, the ancient Eastern wisdom which this brand is rooted in notes that dark foods are purifiers. Smart uses of bright colors call attention and add an element of playfulness to other ingredients in the beverages.

Not Your Average Grid

Karuna is a brand new product line with tremendous opportunity for growth. A fast-paced marketplace calls for a website that is easy to read, easy to update, and easy to expand. All of this “easy” isn’t always simple.

Choosing a layout for the Karuna brand, we took all of these elements into consideration. Our well-designed grid layout has the benefits of a template while keeping the curated, handcrafted look.

On the Product pages in particular, we had to consider the potential of a rapidly expanding product line. We implemented customizable cells for easy changes. Each cell is designated for an image, product, or block of text. With a simple click, the chosen background color for the product shots can be updated.

This standardization makes updating the website seamless as the Karuna brand expands to add more products, but the result is anything but standard!

This is Only the Beginning

With the website complete and pre-launch activities starting to ramp up, the real fun starts. The brand is beginning to receive a lot of preliminary attention, and excitement is building around these unique and healthy beverages.

The Karuna blog was a key factor in our initial strategy and the website development. With a spot for everything, it will play a crucial role in branding and communications as the product launches and gains traction. It will serve as a platform for the brand to express its values, distribute news, and connect with consumers.

Working with the Karuna brand and Angela has been a true delight, and we at Paradigm are excited to continue with the brand’s development! With products coming to St. Louis in early 2017, we’re sure this isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing the Karuna name.