Hallelujah for Cashless Giving

Our client eGive works with religious institutions and non-profits to make giving easy, affordable and secure. As the sprint to a cashless economy continues, church congregations are no different.

Paradigm was challenged to simplify on-site donor giving while providing an attractive presence in the sanctuary. Our team developed an elegant eGive iPad giving kiosk with a customizable, intuitive interface.

Donors simply swipe a card and enter the amount they wish to donate. The interface guides users through designating how much of the donation they’re allocating to different giving categories, special collections or as recurring gifts.

The giving kiosk is the newest release in a suite of robust online tools we’ve created to help eGive further its mission of good stewardship made easy. These solutions have helped the firm securely process hundreds of millions of dollars of member donations in the last decade.

We are thrilled to partner with eGive again to develop another game-changing innovation for removing traditional barriers to donor giving.