Bethesda Health Group

Bethesda Health Group offers a variety of senior care services for St. Louis residents, ranging from assisted living to live-in communities.


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bethesda tablet web design and development


As competition in the senior care space grows, Bethesda’s website was turning visitors away with outdated forms and a frustrating navigation. The website also failed to reflect the warm, caring nature of Bethesda’s services and communities.

bethesda mobile and tablet web design
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Content Strategy

Senior care websites are too often filled with cold, sterile content to reflect medical expertise. After evaluating Bethesda’s audience, we opted to move toward more warm, empathetic content that inspires confidence in viewers that their loved ones will be well cared for. We repositioned Bethesda’s core message, “Community is our way of life” on the homepage to bring it to the forefront of users’ minds as they browse the site. We also made new recommendations for photography. Large, bright photos anchor each page and deliver much-needed warmth and joy to the site.

bethesda seniors playing cards

Web Design

As we redeveloped Bethesda’s site, we were constantly considering the stressful situations in which people would be seeking senior care services. Often in a hospital dealing with the illness of a loved one, these people need a senior care website that’s intuitive to navigate and loads quickly even in hospitals with poor reception.

We built the site’s navigation with large, bold text that’s a breeze to use. A restructured sitemap gives new hierarchy to Bethesda’s communities and makes it easier for users to find the one that’s right for them. Finally, a lightweight and responsive design ensures the site loads fast and looks great on any device.

bethesda mobile friendly web design
bethesda mobile and tablet web design

CRM Integration

We were tasked with providing insights on three different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms for Bethesda to implement into the redeveloped website. Once Bethesda selected its preferred CRM, we began implementing webforms and application programming interfaces (APIs) into the website, making it even easier for Bethesda to stay connected with its audiences.

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With its thoughtful design, Bethesda's new website better resonates with residents and their loved ones. As the senior healthcare market expands, Bethesda's website supports ongoing marketing initiatives and strongly positions the group's expertise.

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  • 24% increase in site traffic year-over-year
  • Easily loads in places with low signal to alleviate stress


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