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Paradigm creates custom mobile apps for both iPhone (iOS) and Android operating systems. In addition to our award-winning design capabilities, we know what to consider when it comes to choosing the platform that best suits your goals, and we are adept at developing the type of functionality your users expect from apps on their mobile devices. Mobile app development is one of our biggest strengths.

Take a look at some of the mobile apps we’ve recently created:

Create custom palettes with our Saturate app by seamlessly manipulating the app’s slider feature.

Forest Park
The Forest Park app guides you through one of the largest urban parks in the United States.  Features include event listings, an interactive map and information on attractions.

View more of our mobile apps.

We develop native mobile apps, cross-platform apps and mobile web applications, and we use the following frameworks and technologies:

Native Development Platforms

  • iOS (Objective-C)
  • Pure Android (Java)

Cross-Platform Tools

  • Appcelerator
  • Corona
  • Kurogo


Business Strategy

According to mobile user statistics, those with mobile devices spend 86% of their time in apps versus just 14% on the web. People are using their phones to visit the apps of their favorite companies. These companies are in turn creating an avenue for increased engagement with their company. The result is an ever-expanding group of raving fans.

Mobile apps provide value beyond customer engagement. With mobile apps, you are also building recognition in your brand, and eliminating the presence other companies. You have your customer’s full attention. When you provide value in your mobile app, this attention leads to higher customer loyalty.

When building a mobile app for our clients, we take all of these considerations to heart. Our goal with each app we build is to build upon the fanbase your company has grown through the years. We work to provide your customers value and increase their engagement with you via a highly accessible source.


Wire Framing & Design

The layout and design of your mobile app needs to be at peak usability. Your customers have taken the time to invest their phone space in your company, and you have to deliver a flawless design experience for optimal user experience. Mobile UI/UX is an art form that Paradigm’s mobile design team has mastered.

Our team carefully pieces together best practices with UI/UX in a way that makes sense for your mobile app. Need an eCommerce app? We will create a behavior flow that naturally ends with a purchase. Need a utility app? Our team will identify the interface that appeals to your customers the most, and will integrate the best tools to keep them coming back to the app. Overall, we design apps to strengthen customer engagement and loyalty.



Just like with websites, we have an analytics team in place that will provide the expert feedback necessary to optimize your mobile app. We will look at key metrics to ensure the app is running at peak optimization for both user experience, and engagement.

Our proactive approach to analytics is one centered around identifying the issues before they become real problems. Similarly, we will know when to move on an optimization update before the window of opportunity closes. Analytics gives your mobile app the tools it needs to thrive in this increasingly popular space.


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