Paradigm Cranks Out Innovative Website in St. Louis for Gabbit

We are thrilled to announce the launch of one of our most enjoyable projects to date, Coupled with responsive and parallax design, the website strategy was created to set the company apart from others in a highly competitive industry. Gabbit is a new St. Louis-based, small business phone provider. With a contract free model at half the price of large cable and phone providers, Gabbit is the ‘anti’ phone company. Starting from the ground up, Gabbit needed a website to give simple messaging while defining the culture of their brand. “Setting customers free from the large providers, the website needed to convey a simple and light feel. Personable and friendly, the name Gabbit implies a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek personality. We worked to avoid bulkiness in visuals and content while putting a smile on the visitors face. Refreshing,” said Ryan Capogreco, a member of the creative team who spearheaded this project. Our Creative and Web teams worked very closely from the Discovery phase onward. Because the website is responsive, both teams worked to define both small (smartphone) and large (desktop) interface sizes in tandem. The small size was actually first developed, then large; it was finished by handling the responsive considerations in-between. In accommodating Gabbit’s need to get to market in early fall 2013, the entire project timeline, brief to launch, was less than 4-weeks. Learn more about Responsive Design and see the Gabbit Parallax site in action.

About Paradigm New Media Group

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About Gabbit

Gabbit to provides affordable, high-quality phone service to small businesses. The founders were once small business owners too. As their company grew, they learned that there were telephone alternatives available to larger companies not being offered to the little guy. Gabbit was founded to free small businesses from the shackles of Ma Bell and the cable providers. Gabbit offers small businesses more standard features, rates that include all taxes and fees, clarity of pricing and “white glove” service because even their smallest customer is a big deal.