4 Reasons to Use Explainer Videos


Video marketing is a polarizing idea for many clients. We often hear things like “It’s too expensive,” or, “Is it right for us?” But the rise of mobile (and video-enabled devices) has made video more popular and more profitable than ever–provided you do it right.

One rapidly expanding type of video is the explainer video, which illustrates a product, service or concept while a voiceover explains it. For clients with complex concepts or niche audiences, explainer videos have proven to be highly effective. Here’s why we recommend them:


Taking on a video project may seem daunting, but explainer videos are a much more straightforward process. No need to hold talent auditions or scout the perfect set–explainer videos put most of the work on a capable creative team.  

As with any project, we start with a thorough understanding of your goals and deliver a strategy brief covering our ideas for bringing the video to life. Then, we develop a script and storyboard to establish the video’s basic concept, message and art direction. Once those are approved, the video goes into production and we begin strategizing the best way to market your video and track its success across all channels.


It’s all too easy for a video project’s budget to spiral out of control. From voiceover production to animation to music licensing, what seem like small line items may end up putting your project well over budget. Working with a team that understands the strategy, brand essentials, production process and how to effectively manage all assets will provide for a budget-friendly approach that delivers well-branded message. As well, explainer videos, with more manageable timelines and production needs, often arrive under budget and on time.


With short runtimes and animated content, explainer videos are much easier to work with than traditional, live action video. Let’s say you want to edit your video to go into more detail on a specific feature or tailor it to a varied target group. With a traditional video, you may have to reshoot a significant amount of it. With an explainer video, it may be as simple as a new voice over and a few extra seconds of animation / messaging.

Explainer videos are also highly adaptable to specific situations and audiences. Going into a meeting with a client? Kick it off with the video. Attending a trade show? Have the video looping at your booth. Your explainer video is a versatile touchpoint that allows you to ensure your audience’s first interaction with you is a highly branded one that answers all their questions.


There’s a reason you’re seeing more and more explainer videos in your timelines: they work. In a time where you’re lucky to capture your audience’s attention at all, much less keep it, explainer videos have broken through the mold. Combining constant animation with an interesting voice over, explainer videos offer a format that fosters learning and retention.


Explainer videos offer an innovative approach to the common challenge of explaining complex concepts. No matter your industry or audience, chances are you’ve struggled to get your point in a way that’s both quick and compelling. If you’re introducing a new product or trying to reach a highly niche audience, an explainer video may be the missing piece of your marketing strategy. Give us a call and let’s talk about ways to bring your story to life.