Neighborly Love: Branding the Ladue Street Fest

For more than a decade, the Ladue community has hosted the Dogwood Festival every spring to bring its residents together for a day of fun and games. This year, Ladue moved to replace the tradition with a brand new event, promising to deliver that same experience on a much larger scale. And when the opportunity to brand it came up, we jumped at it.

The first-ever Ladue Street Fest is happening Sept. 23 at 4 p.m.



Featuring live music, local food, a wine and beer garden and plenty of activities for kids, the Ladue Street Fest is a major undertaking by the city to create a must-attend event uniting the community. Three blocks of Clayton Road, one of Ladue’s busiest streets, will be shut down and filled with local vendors, inflatable games and a massive music stage featuring three live bands throughout the evening. We were so excited to be approached for this project and to make our mark on what should become a new tradition for Ladue.



We started with the festival’s logo, its visual positioning. The challenge was obvious: how do we give meaning to an event no one has heard of? We put pencil to paper, sketching a number of designs taking inspiration from different aspects of the festival. The phrase “street festival” inspired a rock and roll aesthetic full of energy and excitement. Then, we added a fun twist to the traditional rock and roll “grunge” look with bold pops of color and recognizable shapes to create an inviting sense of community. Together, the two thoughts establish Ladue Street Fest’s identity and state its message loud clear.



This is something new. It’s fresh, it’s exciting and it’s open for all. It’s a true block party.

We followed that thought into the logo’s design, using clean lines woven throughout bright blocks of colors–a subtle nod to icons within a map.



The poster’s design followed a more illustrative approach. We knew it needed to set the stage for the event’s attractions and energy. No one’s ever been to a street music festival in Ladue, so the poster should provide a little insight into what residents should expect. We incorporated the logo’s bright colors into a detailed illustration featuring the main stage, the crowd, the greenery, the setting sun—all the sights and sounds people will take in that night.


A sincere thanks to the City of Ladue for affording Paradigm the opportunity to bring the Ladue Street Fest to life. Cheers to a successful community event in September.

Word on the street is that it’s going to be quite the party.