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We are Paradigm.

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Creators + Communicators

Paradigm is a St. Louis creative design and branding firm. Our team includes graphic and web designers with years of experience working with large and small companies in a wide range of industries.

Designers + Developers

Storytellers + Strategists

Paradigm is a St. Louis branding and messaging firm. Our team includes copywriters, digital marketing strategists, and award winning graphics designers to tell your brand's story.

Techies + Tacoficionados

Paradigm is a St. Louis digital marketing and branding firm that likes to have fun.

And after more than 20 years of helping clients market themselves with confidence…

just getting started.

Michael Huber and John Duffy, Principals at Paradigm New Media Group. Our digital marketing firm was founded in 1995, right here in St. Louis.

In 1995, it seemed like the whole internet thing was going to catch on. Everyone wanted a website. And when they got one, everyone had the same question: what now?

The Paradigm team during a strategic brainstorm for a digital marketing campaign.

Since then, we’ve combined digital and design expertise to answer “what now” with “what’s next.” We’ve transformed websites from business accessories into business plans. We’ve proven that good branding leads to better business. And we’ve cut through the clutter of digital marketing to deliver meaningful and measurable experiences.

Tools of the trade at a digital marketing, branding, and web design firm.
Our office is located in St. Louis and houses some of the best marketing strategists, brand storytellers, graphic and web designers, and web developers in the city.

None of that happens without a close partnership with our clients and a thorough understanding of their challenges. We prefer partnership and patience to demands and deadlines. So go ahead, invite us to a strategy meeting. Let us sit in on a few sales calls. We want to know everything about you so that we can do anything for you.

Have a project? Let’s talk.

Join our digital marketing, branding, and web development team in St. Louis.

Make great things with us.

We’re always searching for people of passion to join our growing firm. Our staff combines digital and design expertise with a unique ability to create, communicate and inspire in everything we do.

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