A Labor of Love: Moving Paradigm’s Brand Forward


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A while back, we wrote about why branding is not always a revolution, but an evolution. It was great timing, because it was around that time that we were looking at our own brand and the way we present our expertise. A lot has changed over the last few years. New work, new faces, new processes. It felt time to change the narrative around who we are, what we do and what we believe in. The paradigm, if you will.

So after countless focus groups, concepts, revisions, prototypes and reviews–we did. And we’re excited to share it with you today.

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Writing Our Story

Our ethos is deeply rooted in storytelling and problem solving. We intently listen to our clients’ business challenges to identify opportunities to evolve their stories and make them resonate more powerfully with audiences. We seek relationships and partnerships that invite our firm to collaborate at the closest level and deliver all-encompassing service. These thoughts became the foundation of our brand and value proposition, guiding updates to everything from our pitch decks to the website you’re on now.

Building Our Website

Speaking of this website, take a look around! As we made vital changes to our brand, we began work on a redeveloped website to put them in effect. Throughout the site, we peel back the curtain on all things digital and creative. Informative Expertise pages teach readers about our services–not overwhelm them. Our Work pages are beautifully formatted and demonstrate the purpose, passion and process behind everything we do. Motion effects throughout the site create an intriguing, thoughtful experience while browsing–just like the experience of working with us.

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Finding Our Voice

We also revisited our firm’s tone and style of language, moving toward a more personable, curious, knowledgeable voice. Across the website, readers will pick up on our positivity and willingness to listen. It’s a voice that’s authentically and uniquely our own.

This brand evolution is a watershed moment for our 23-year-old firm, a true expression of the energy we’ve felt for a while now. We’re excited by the road ahead and are looking forward to applying our unique expertise to deliver influence, innovation and inspiration to your organization.