Dowd Bennett

The attorneys at Dowd Bennett are among the country’s most experienced and awarded. With a team made up of former U.S. senators, U.S. attorneys and a state governor, the firm is no stranger to high-profile cases with even higher stakes.


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The Dowd Bennet office features open, airy, and modern architecture that was featured throughout their new website design.

The Challenge

Despite their expertise, the firm was losing ground in an increasingly competitive legal services market, partly due to a website that lacked key functionality.

We set out to develop a brand new website that would earn new business for the firm while elevating its recognition and reputation.

The new mobile-friendly, responsive web design for Dowd Bennett.

Our Approach

Web Design

We started with a thorough audit of their current website, looking for opportunities to improve the experience and put the firm’s expertise at the forefront. The original site featured pages dense with text and light on imagery. As we redeveloped the site, we included more engaging visuals and a navigation that puts Dowd Bennett’s expertise front and center.

This attention to expertise is particularly prevalent in Dowd Bennett’s new attorney pages. Each attorney’s page contains their bio alongside drop-down menus showcasing their background, certifications and awards.

On the new Dowd Bennett web design features and extensive attorney directory and shows architectural elements of the firm in its photography choices.
Office interior at Dowd Bennett.
Office interior shots were used throughout the new website design for Dowd Bennett.

Web Development

During the redevelopment, we optimized the site to load faster and look great on any device. The site’s mobile view, which had been difficult to use in the past, now features simple navigation and touch-friendly controls.

The Dowd Bennett lawyers collaborating during a photo shoot for the new website design.
Exterior of the Dowd Bennett office.


With a new website that elevates the firm’s expertise and individual attorneys, Dowd Bennett continues to win high-profile cases and attract national attention to its work.

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  • 47% Increase in year-over-year traffic
  • 50% Increase in year-over-year organic search traffic
  • 1,055% Increase in mobile usage
  • 30% Of all site traffic is on mobile



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