Paradigm provides graphic design services, including logo design, environmental graphics, tradeshow booths, and signage.


Graphic Design

Graphic design and brand identity are a necessity for any business to establish. Consistency in your branding helps tie all of your marketing initiatives together.

It is true that your logo is one of the most powerful elements of your brand strategy. A well-designed, thoughtful logo makes an immediate connection between your audience and your brand that they’ll remember for ages. But your brand’s graphic design and brand identity go far beyond a logo. Let our creative team show you how.

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Brand Identity

As part of our branding program, we’ll develop a creative identity that reflects your company’s key messaging and goes beyond a simple logo to include colors, palettes, typography, design patterns and other distinctive elements. We’ll also create brand guidelines that showcases your new brand identity and proves its value while walking you through how how to use it effectively. Our graphic design services and capabilities include:

  • Logo design + visual branding
  • Print advertising (ads, banners, direct mail)
  • Social media graphics
  • Email marketing templates
  • Content graphics
  • Illustration
  • Animation + motion graphics
  • Brochures + sell sheets + sales collateral

Environmental Design

Any time people engage with your brand on a physical level, whether that’s by walking through your facility or visiting your booth at a trade show, there is an opportunity to create a memorable impression. Our creative team understands the challenges of bringing your brand into a three-dimensional space and specializes in bridging that gap with eye-catching designs that create lasting impressions.