Paradigm develops strategies for social media marketing, to help business like yours reach your audience where they already are. Strategic use of social media marketing can build brand awareness, develop loyal customers, and improve brand engagement.


Social Media Marketing

If you’re looking to reach your target audience, look no further than social media marketing. With incredible targeting capabilities and an ever-growing user base, social media sites are a tremendous asset to any digital marketing campaign. Our team will develop a strategy that ushers your brand into social media with custom imagery and targeted messaging.

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Organic Social Media

Maintaining a quality, consistent social media presence is a challenge for any business. Our team specializes in developing the roles and workflows your team needs to get the most out of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram strategies. We’ll analyze your company’s brand strategy and culture to deliver comprehensive social media guidelines covering types of posts, tone, graphics and more.

Our social media marketing team will also develop a content calendar to provide your business with a consistent social media content flow. Our team will schedule out posts to reach your target audience at optimal hours for the best engagement results.

Paid Social Media

As social networks grow, so does the competition for your audience. Paid strategies allow you to further tailor your message and ensure your audience hears it loud and clear. We’ll take a deep dive into your target audience as we create paid social media marketing campaigns that build awareness and generate leads.

Much like our banner advertising strategies, we have the ability to show your ads to only those who fit your target demographic. Social media advertising needs to be used with care and precision to ensure maximum brand engagement. Let us know how we can start a paid social media campaign for you today.