Putting your business's site through a comprehensive website audit and performance review is the best way to identify your site's health and determine areas for growth.


Website Audits

There’s a world of difference between a good website and a great one, but how do you know which one you have? Putting your site through a comprehensive audit is the best way to identify its current health and help you understand how to extend its life, or where to begin on a brand new website.

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Our website audit service evaluates your site in four critical categories: Technology, Design, Content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At the end of an audit, we’ll assign an overall rating for your website and schedule a consultation to review the data and provide our recommendations for short-term and long-term improvements.

Search Engine Optimization

As the internet grows, search engines are more selective in which websites make it to the coveted first page. Your site’s ranking on search is affected by a number of factors covered in our SEO audit, such as:

  • Backlinking
  • Keyword utilization
  • Usability rating
  • Meta descriptions, page titles, tags


With distinctive copy that interests readers, your website should sound as good as it looks. Each page should be written with a consistent voice and bold headlines that make it easy to skim. If your site has a blog, then it should be updated regularly with content that attracts your target audience. Our content audit scores based on:

  • Quality + quantity
  • Consistency
  • Relevancy
  • Readability
  • Blog strategy
  • Social media integration

Design & User Experience

Your website is the first impression many people will have with your company. It should have a distinctive design that fits your brand identity and resonates with your target audience. Everything from the site’s navigation to page layout to calls to action should be clearly structured to help users quickly find what they’re looking for. Our design audit will examine:

  • Alignment with brand identity
  • Mobile responsiveness tests
  • Navigation
  • Page layout
  • Image + video usage
  • Call to action placement

Technology & Performance

Although technology is the backbone of any website, it’s often ignored when people start thinking of ways to improve their own. If your code is poorly written, then your site will suffer from longer load times and frequent error messages. Our website technology audit consists of:

  • Code performance review
  • Speed and optimization tests
  • Error checking
  • Security ratings