Sharing is Caring


The Paradigm team during our weekly Share meeting, sharing a video on advancements in robotics.

As we celebrate our new website’s launch, we’re also celebrating the evolution of our brand and emphasizing our commitment to the unique culture we’ve built here. That’s not a word we use lightly. Too many firms like to use it to describe ping pong tournaments or a fridge full of beer. For us, it’s much more personal. It’s about creating an environment that welcomes new challenges and fosters the collaboration that solves them.

It’s about sharing.

Like many agencies, we have a weekly traffic meeting. It’s a time to assess the week’s priorities and rearrange as needed to ensure everything goes out the door on time and on point. Unlike many agencies, we don’t plan out the week and get right to it.

Instead, we open the floor for anyone to present what’s new and exciting in their corner of marketing. It could be an innovative campaign from a major brand, a new platform for web analytics, or the latest startup in Silicon Valley. It could also be footage from the Mars rover, where the 80s aesthetic came from, or why the WWE is still a thing. Whatever you’re interested in, this is the time to let it all out.

We call it Share.

The Paradigm team during our weekly Share meeting, as a member of our team is sharing the new Gucci web experience.


Things move quickly in branding and digital technology. So quickly that it’s not always obvious how it all fits together, why it matters or what it means for our clients. Share is our time to learn as a group, walking through each story’s implications and connecting it to the greater trends within the industry.

Share is also our time to build a rapport with one another, especially among cross-department teams. For people who may not work together regularly, Share is a time to discuss the things we’re passionate about and make new connections with others who find them inspiring.

Most importantly, Share is an opportunity to start the week with some new fresh perspectives. We don’t always agree with each other’s takes, but that’s okay. What matters is that we set aside that time to agree, disagree and converse on the things that are shaping our work. It builds the empathy and trust we rely on to work together and drive progress in everything we do. It puts us in the best possible mindset to take on each week with confidence and enthusiasm. And that makes us work all the better for our clients while growing and learning together along the way.