Logo Design

Logo Design

Think about the most successful companies today. Companies like Apple, Nike, Starbucks, Target, and BMW. Each of these companies have incredibly recognizable logos. Their logos carry an emotion with them as well. BMW’s logo is associated with top-quality engineering. Nike’s “swoosh” is synonymous with speed and endurance. Consumers don’t purchase their products and services just because; they buy them because of the emotion derived from their brand. 

Our award-winning logo design team has created corporate logo and identity systems for hundreds of corporations, non-profits, products, and professional services both in the St. Louis area and nationally. We maintain a belief that a logo should capture the very essence of a business or product.  Our researched-based approach assures that we create visually branding that sings.  Familiar recognition and positive resonance will go a long way, and that is exactly what we work to achieve.

Our logo designers often create extensive Brand Identity Guideline Systems to outline best-practice usage of your new mark. These tools allow you to reference typestyles, color palettes, and optimal usage tactics for your new logo to ensure consistency through all channels while providing a range of downloadable logo files and filetypes. Our team of designers also constructs eye-catching business collateral ranging from stationary to digital marketing to branded signage. 

Logo design and branding services:

  • Corporate / Non-Profit Logos & Identity Systems
  • Product & Service Logo Marks
  • Brand Identity Guideline Systems
  • Business Stationery (Digital & Traditional)
  • Branded Signage & Environmental Graphics

Our team of logo designers work tirelessly to make sure the finished product captures the entire brand story and emotion your company wants to convey.

Take a look at some of the logo designs we have completed for our clients already:

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