Share Your Story Through Dynamic Landing Pages


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From product promotions to company announcements and milestone events, website content acts as a limitless vehicle for storytelling. Paradigm employs dynamic landing pages as a valuable digital marketing tactic to extend your brand. Yet, the true beauty of these pages lies in the ability to highlight a unique story.

A Place to Stick the Landing

A landing page is a standalone web page that a user “lands” on after clicking a link on another location. Users may land on your page after clicking a social media ad, a slider on your homepage or finding your page through a search for an industry-specific keyword. Once they reach that page, Paradigm’s goal as a landing page agency is to encourage a particular action, increase traffic and drive conversions through carefully crafted content on dynamic landing pages. 

Our SEO strategists use landing pages as an opportunity to increase your visibility. We carefully research applicable keywords for your product and service and weave them throughout — increasing the chance that your audience will find your brand organically. 

On the copywriting side, landing pages open a valuable opportunity to tell a new story. Stories could present as divergent content, such as new products, high-focus services or milestone events, that may not fit well in existing site structures. Dynamic landing pages merge storytelling and strategy seamlessly, centering on your new focus without complicating your website’s user experience. 

Storytelling for Dynamic Landing Page

Web content reinforces your brand, boosts credibility and highlights your unique offerings. Think of a landing page as a strategic extension of your website — it provides a place to divert from your established structure and naturally discuss a renewed content focus.

Messaging will be integral to the success of your landing page. As a landing page agency, Paradigm focuses on answering critical questions before we develop your content strategy — who is your audience, what are their needs and how can we meet them?

1. Craft Around Emotion

One thing to keep in mind is that emotions drive our decision-making process — especially if the product or service is complex or high-risk. For example, a consumer may be hesitant to hire a financial services firm due to the complexity of the service. Your message has to entice people to push past their doubts to take action. 

According to research by the University of Southern California, likeability is the emotion most closely linked to increased sales. We must persuade your target audience to identify with you through strategic brand storytelling. Happiness, ease or similar feelings evoked by your product or service will be valuable tools in future conversions.

2. Appeal to Humanity

When writing dynamic landing pages, one of the most valuable tactics we employ is an appeal to humanity. An appeal does not necessarily mean getting overly emotional. Realistically, it may be difficult to evoke tears or laughter from your audience over manufacturing products or professional services. 

But we can resonate with your audience by speaking their language. We often craft our writing around audience considerations, using industry jargon or taking on the voice of a specific generation. Paradigm researches your audience, identifies which messages will resonate most with them and crafts content that will make them take action.

3. Emphasize Unique Value

As your landing page agency, we also focus on identifying your unique value and placing that at the forefront. These focus elements will emerge through carefully crafted branding exercises. From luxury to efficiency, Paradigm emphasizes elements that will captivate your audience.

Our charge is to help users visualize your brand addressing their needs. In fact, addressing buyer fears on landing pages can increase conversion rate by 80%. Storytelling provides a chance to mirror a customer’s personal experience — alluding to their pain points and addressing them through product information.

Your Landing Page Agency

Paradigm’s copywriters find the story behind every product, service and milestone to craft captivating content. We consider your brand in all dimensions and weave tactful language throughout all dynamic landing pages. Our partnership with your brand informs your marketing strategies moving forward.

Are you ready to expand your brand? Contact Paradigm to start your landing page project today.