Robust Web Apps for the Missouri United School Insurance Council


Computer screen displaying a web application for the Missouri United School Insurance Council.

School district administrators must constantly stay on their toes, striving to limit areas of liability and protect their people when the unexpected occurs. The Missouri United School Insurance Council (MUSIC) acts as a reliable insurance partner, serving public school districts and select colleges throughout the state. 

For the past five years, Paradigm’s software experts assisted MUSIC in redevelopment and custom web applications — simplifying the complex world of insurance coverage for users. Explore our three major projects with the provider.

Development for the Missouri United School Insurance Council

The MUSIC web application originally featured disparate systems, meaning users had to log in many times, on multiple different sites, to view their insurance information. Countless MUSIC members got lost in the text-heavy pages and extensive navigation. Even the most basic insurance information took a chunk of time and a phone call to track down. 

With millions of dollars of coverage on the line, MUSIC partnered with Paradigm to streamline its user journey. Our team started with implementing Single Sign-On (SSO), consolidating permissions for their various systems. Complementing its role as a content management system (CMS), the application is an identity provider for managing user access. It allows staff members, MUSIC members and school administrators to view their information through one login screen. By managing the user list in the CMS, a singular set of credentials enables MUSIC members and administrators to explore pages granted to their unique clearance level.

Our website and software experts also revised the platform’s architecture, organizing pages into an intuitive, user-friendly menu. By simplifying the navigation, we drastically reduced the time it took to locate important information. Beyond that, our team optimized all web forms, resulting in quick, consistent communication times for the Missouri United School Insurance Council staff. 

Workers’ Compensation 

Workers’ Compensation is a sensitive issue. Therefore, only key members should have viewing access to associated materials in compliance with privacy laws, such as HIPAA. We crafted a custom web application that allows all incident reporting, photo uploads and other processes to occur in one place. Through private access levels, our team ensured proper protection for both teachers and employees. 

Through a curated administrative section, application users can review and manage permissions. Beyond that, we implemented capabilities for reporting, information intake and privacy controls. Each dashboard tailors itself to a user’s level of clearance, whether they are experiencing an injury or handling the incident.

Risk Management 

Paradigm also created a Risk Management Information System (RMIS) for the Missouri United School Insurance Council. Though initially launched in December 2022, multiple phases are planned for the application as time goes on.

The RMIS consolidated old tools, including dashboards for at-a-glance stats and statuses, builders risk, loss prevention and policy renewal intakes. Reports display on each, with data visualizations showcasing crucial elements such as coverage amounts, exposures and more.

Our custom web application boasts the ability to navigate current and historical data, with clearance levels ensuring sensitive information only displays for the appropriate users. Over time, our software experts will continually release new functionalities for the application. Our next priority will be managing the data and information derived from these systems to report back to individual members. 

Streamline with Paradigm 

Through our partnership with MUSIC, we have used best practices to consolidate their information channels. Each application empowers more intuitive user experiences and provides opportunities to learn from analytics — improving the Missouri United School Insurance Council’s long-term business decisions. 

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