Back to School with MUSIC: A Site with Single Sign-On Integration


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Although school was out for the summer, we spent the last few months working hard to prepare the Missouri United School Insurance Council (MUSIC) for the next year.

MUSIC is an insurance cooperative serving the majority of Missouri public schools, along with quite a few community colleges. Members frequently visit the MUSIC site to report claims, apply for additional coverage, and view safety training webinars.

Paradigm partnered with MUSIC to improve the organization’s efficiencies and create a seamless user experience for its member schools as well as its staff.

Doing Our Homework

As with any project, we started with a deep dive into MUSIC’s day-to-day operations. Looking closely at the services it offers and how members use them during our discovery phase, we firmly understood the value MUSIC offers to its members. The organization received tremendous feedback for its coverage options. However, the brand’s image and website both needed a refresh to streamline workflows and better connect with its members.

We identified three primary user types (the general public, MUSIC members, and school administrators) and analyzed the unique issues they were having while browsing the site.  For example, we found that current members had trouble finding what they were looking for on the old site. A complex navigation system, multiple login points, and very dense content caused confusion. Members would click through several pages searching for a form, only to call the MUSIC staff a few minutes later for help finding it on the site, causing a backlog in everyone’s workflow.

To counter these problems, our proposed website called for a modern, responsive design fitted with custom single sign-on (SSO) integration as well as a refreshed brand image, highlighting the value of MUSIC’s work.

Photo of two young boys in science class, as featured on the new MUSIC site. An event is featured on the MUSIC site. With Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, events can be set as visible to the public or members-only.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Although member engagement was high, with many users returning to the site  throughout the school year, those users weren’t having a great experience. Many critical pages were hidden in the site’s architecture, and the menu system wasn’t simple enough to understand at a glance.

We revamped the site’s navigation menus, organizing the pages in an intuitive and user-friendly menu system. Now, users are able to easily find the information they’re looking for–without having to pick up the phone.

Even after updating the site’s navigation, creating a seamless experience for MUSIC’s three user types was no easy task. With each user requiring permissions to view different content, we were challenged to create a simple way for users to see the pages they needed without overwhelming them with content they didn’t need.

Working with a third party to house confidential member information, we turned the  content management system (CMS) into the identity authenticator for SSO integration. The result: a single member login form with each user’s unique access levels in place.

The member login homepage is the first page that a user will see after logging in, thanks to the Single Sign-On (SSO) integration. This page features everything a member needs, including upcoming events, recent news, and access to the administrator portal.

Less Work, More Action

With an improved member experience, we turned our attention to optimizing the site for MUSIC’s staff. Implementing smarter webforms, an easy-to-use CMS and a brand new email marketing system, we’ve made it easier to MUSIC to spend more time on its mission and less on maintaining its website.

The site’s new web forms ask questions and auto-populate answers based on the user’s login credentials wherever possible. These web forms eliminate the need to print, fill out, and fax documentation. Now, MUSIC staff can process requests quickly, as all forms are sent directly to their inbox.

Throughout the school year, MUSIC staff sends reminders and important forms to their members. This process was previously handled by an outdated email service. To simplify and standardize their workflow, we provided MUSIC with a clean, yet versatile email marketing template that allows for a range of content. The template has space for a branded header, photos, and custom calls to action throughout. Now, MUSIC staff enjoys a straightforward email process and MUSIC members receive branded, engaging emails.

The new responsive website design for the MUSIC site works well on both desktop and mobile. Large images are featured throughout the site, including images that show the diversity of Missouri schools. Here, two young girls work on homework together.

Bringing it All Together

The launch of MUSIC’s new site was an ideal opportunity to refresh its brand, which had become unclear to many non-members over the years. We developed a tagline to highlight the mission and values of the organization: Protecting Missouri’s Future.

The bold imagery featured throughout the site is a departure from the previous site’s text-heavy pages. Photos of children in science class or getting on the bus subtly depict the insurance risk that happens in the average school day. However, the carefree feeling in these photos shows that with the safety of MUSIC coverage, students are allowed to be children.

The True Test

The new MUSIC site solves many business and user experience challenges for both MUSIC members and staff. Membership renewal is in full swing, and MUSIC members are already using and loving the new responsive site design. With the CMS, single sign-on integration, webforms, and email marketing tools at their fingertips, MUSIC staff is ready to pass this school year with flying colors.