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A Contemporary Website for a Legal Advocate

What do you think of when you hear the word lawyer? Conservative, lofty, complex, even a little staid. We believe in the good work lawyers do for their clients and strive to position them as heroes within their profession. With Read More

We’ve Created a ‘Monster’!

A product’s packaging is the first thing you notice on a store shelf. In that first glance you notice the colors, designs, the logos, and insignia – what you notice about a product is much like a Rorschach test – Read More

Performing Ahead of the Pack

The Dobson, Goldberg, Berns & Rich website is ahead of the pack in the performance department. Success in this area comes from a combination of creative asset budgeting and some forward thinking code-build processes. To reach the widest audience of Read More

LogoLounge 9, Here We Come!

When you love what you do the results pretty much speak for themselves. That’s a motto we’ve always hung our hats on, and have found that creative branding and logo design do a great job of literally embodying that particular Read More

Beauty Restored – Rebranding Huffords Jewelry

One particular approach that we take in our rebranding projects at Paradigm is to merge heritage with modernism. There’s a richly distinct, imperative value in upholding tradition that we like to preserve, especially when it comes to our more storied clients. Read More

Hallelujah for Cashless Giving

Our client eGive works with religious institutions and non-profits to make giving easy, affordable and secure. As the sprint to a cashless economy continues, church congregations are no different. Paradigm was challenged to simplify on-site donor giving while providing an Read More