Four Common Problems with Your Meta Business Account


Meta Business Account

Facebook is the most widely used social platform in the world — Gartner reports that 82% of the US population are Facebook users. Yet, its new user growth rate is the second-lowest of all social platforms at only 0.8%. To retain and attract the next generation of Facebook users, Meta often expands its platform offerings and capabilities. But with rapid growth comes growing pains — features once designed to be helpful for your Meta Business account have become overwhelming.

Many businesses struggle to keep up on their own and find themselves running into these common problems as they learn how to use Meta Business Suite.

Lack of Awareness 

There is a constant stream of updates for your Meta Business account. Unless you actively keep up with the updates upon release, you may quickly suffer from information overload. As the weeks go by, it may prove difficult to find up-to-date resources on specific features, such as Meta Ads Manager, that have recently changed. There is a general lack of awareness of what you need to currently have set up to support advertising, multiple users and general content promotion. Small businesses and agencies who devote little focus to Facebook will have much to catch up on, yet there is little available to teach you how to use Meta Business Suite and navigate through its ever-changing features.

Poor User Experience 

A Meta Business account aims to be convenient, helping you manage your content for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Messenger in one place. However, they also have navigational problems. For example, Meta Business Manager has multiple settings pages underneath “More Tools” — pages with names like account settings, page settings and business settings can leave you confused where to look.

Functionality is also a common complaint for those learning how to use Meta Business Suite. Many users report their scheduled posts disappearing, constant error messages or even random switches between accounts. In addition, a Meta Business account may also experience issues with page access  — ultimately, the problem is that there is too much under one umbrella.

Lack of Support and Resources

Meta provides little support for the common individual. There’s a Meta Help Center — but the resources essentially end there. There is no phone line, and while live chat is available – it’s extremely difficult to find.  If you have a specific question, you’re most often limited to the articles on their website or to search for how-tos on YouTube.

Some may be able to access Meta Pro Team, a resource for small businesses who need help with the platform. However, this resource has strict eligibility requirements — not everyone has the opportunity to learn how to use Meta Business Suite from a professional.

User Error in Setup 

In our experience, setup errors are the most common problem businesses face. Many choose to “go it alone” and set up their advertising and business accounts independently. While this seems like a good idea at the time, it can quickly turn into a problem. Your Meta Business account requires a strong foundation to expand upon — if there’s one error in the initial setup process, you may experience more roadblocks in your advertising efforts. Simple things like boosting a post could take hours as you try to identify the root of the problem. Knowing how to use Meta Business Suite is critical from the moment you hit “sign up.”

Considering Content Challenges

Apart from the common problems with Meta Business Manager, you may want to consider potential content challenges. Apple’s data privacy protections have changed access to valuable consumer behavior metrics from iOS users. Users may opt in or out of app tracking — and nearly 85% of consumers have opted out. Many targeting methods that would have been effective before updates are now obsolete. Businesses without an expansive reach suffer from the loss of highly targeted ads and struggle to find a strategy that works for them.

Navigating Your Meta Business Account 

As you navigate your Meta Business account, we have three primary pieces of advice:

  • Do your own research. We recommend you take 1-3 days a week to research the current updates and ensure you set up your account properly.
  • Look for resources. Be creative in the resources you use — YouTube tutorials from creators such as The Social Media Examiner may answer questions not found on the Meta Help Center.
  • Be prepared to collaborate. Business owners may not have time to sift through the details of a social media platform. Collaborating with a social media marketing agency can streamline your Meta Business account and ensure proper strategy in your advertising efforts.

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