Increasing Conversion with The Audit Group’s New Site


Here at Paradigm, we love the work that our clients do. Each one shows such passion in their work and brings great things to their industry. The same is true for The Audit Group, providing comprehensive healthcare audits that measure up to the Big Four Accounting firms.

Our work with The Audit Group (TAG) begins with our redevelopment of the brand’s website. You may think all financial websites are the same, but TAG tells a different story – a characteristic that shines throughout the organization. TAG founder and CEO, John Weiss, built the company from the ground up and was involved with the website project from the beginning, providing goals and telling the brand’s story.

With this website redevelopment, we aimed to create a visually impactful website that leads users through the brand story, encourages conversion, and positions TAG as thought leaders in their industry.

Taking Action to Reach the Right Audience

The Audit Group fills a niche market that some of the Big Four accounting firms cannot – they serve large health systems and hospitals exclusively. This level of specialization means that TAG fully understands the healthcare landscape and its unique financial challenges.

Through our Discovery process with TAG, we identified that the majority of the time, the first contact from prospective clients comes from a member of Accounts Payable or another lower level employee in the finance department of a health system or hospital. TAG has found that these positions are not the final decision makers.

This lead to the conclusion that The Audit Group’s newly redeveloped site needed to speak to a C-Level Executive audience, the users who are more likely to convert. At large healthcare systems, often the choice to follow through with an audit falls on the shoulders of the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, or even a Member of the Board.

The Audit Group's newly redeveloped site focuses on services and action-based topics, instead of a long history of the company. This focus on the valuable service information puts the user experience first, and encourages users to convert.

Where the old site focused elaborately on information about TAG’s history and philosophy, our new redeveloped site content focused on action. By filling the site with results-focused information that is relevant to TAG clients and their unique challenges, we are able to tell TAG’s brand’s story of knowledge, experience, and value, while encouraging interaction and conversion.

Right away, on the homepage of the site, we focus on the service-based information that prospective clients would be looking for. Small touches, such as adding the Client Portal Login higher up in the navigation than the About TAG page, further illustrate TAG’s client-focused approach to solving business problems.

Aligning with and Distinguishing from Competitors

The Audit Group has a handful of boutique competitors that also specialize in healthcare auditing. However, to elevate the TAG’s brand, our ambition lead us to produce a content strategy in line with the Big Four accounting firms.

By analyzing these competitor sites, we developed four distinct and digestible service categories and made direct contact with TAG company leaders easy. These features point site users to the right information quickly. Featuring the TAG C-Suite members on each service page encourages prospects and healthcare executives to reach out. Showing real TAG staff puts the site users at ease, knowing they will be contacting a true expert in the field, which in turn increases the conversion opportunity.

Pictures Speak Louder than Words

The Audit Group’s newly redeveloped site is unorthodox for the financial industry. The homepage is a bold introduction to the brand, which puts TAG’s prospects and clients first by focusing on service information instead of an elaborate brand story. Using metaphorical photos to tie the services to the healthcare industry, TAG’s site users can easily make the connection and find the service that would best suit their needs.

Because healthcare auditing is such a niche market and complicated subject matter, visual elements illustrate these processes. Under each main service category, we featured an easy-to-understand icon set depicting TAG’s process.

Paradigm designed a unique icon set for The Audit Group to illustrate the company's service areas.

Through our site architecture, we continue to take the user through the brand journey – outlining how each of TAG’s services leads into the next. At the bottom of each of the internal service page, two additional services naturally lead the user into the next solution for their business. This helps prospective clients understand all of TAG’s offerings, including those they may not have been looking for originally.

Faster Site, Happier Users

When creating a mobile-friendly website, our main goal is to develop a site that is both beautiful and fast-loading. Especially when working with image heavy sites, like The Audit Group’s new site, it is important to make sure that the coding is clean and all content is optimized for mobile-friendliness. TAG’s new site is complete with a well performing mobile speed score of 88/10 and a 90/100 desktop speed on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

The Audit Group’s site has a refreshed look complete with a well-considered user experience. The newly redeveloped site puts the focus of TAG’s clients and prospects – making it easier to find the most relevant information, encouraging communication, and loading quickly. Stay tuned as we continue to work with TAG to increase leads.

The Audit Group's homepage features four distinct service areas (Cash & Cost Management, Process Engineering, Compliance & Reimbursement, and Leadership Coaching) which helps to increase conversion by leading users directly to the information that they are looking for.

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