Paradigm Celebrates Women’s History Month


Nine of Paradigm's 10 female staff members pose for a Women's History Month photo.

At Paradigm, women are essential members of our team — from client strategy to copywriting to design, they contribute their talents to new chapters in each of our client’s marketing journeys. In celebration of Women’s History Month, the women at Paradigm are sharing their unique perspectives on their marketing experiences with us and how their insights benefit our ambitious client partners.

On Paradigm 

Over the past few weeks, we sat down with each of our female team members to gauge their professional experience. Each of them shared a deep appreciation for the collaborative atmosphere, the supportive nature within their teams and the creative energy pulsing throughout the Paradigm office and in each client interaction.

For some, it was empowerment at first sight. Our senior copywriter, Mary, reported feeling at home as soon as she stepped into the Paradigm office.

“I truly appreciate how welcoming everyone is,” she said. “As someone who recently joined the team, everyone has been helpful during my transition and it’s evident everyone truly cares about each other. It’s a great environment to be a part of!”

Each respondent reported how each woman they encountered has a firm hand on their expertise. In fact, high-performing women in marketing agencies such as Paradigm have been found to have high emotional intelligence, leading to a stronger understanding of client ambitions and increased collaborative solutions. Reflecting on her own experience, one of our client strategy managers explained her appreciation for the women that work to fulfill each clients’ vision.

“You will appreciate each and every woman who works here and what they contribute to each client strategy you collaborate on,” Megan said. “It takes a village!”

Each position they represent brings rich talent into our collective team — client strategy managers excel in developing extraordinary client strategies; copywriters bring brand identities to life; and designers leave lasting impressions and generate elevated user experiences. Across departments and specialties, the women on our team empower each other to create the extraordinary. Their emotional and social competencies drive clients journeys that are appealing to brand aspirations and critical to long-term client relationship growth.

To Future Women in Brand Marketing

As women in marketing, our team members have valuable life lessons to share with those striving to find success within the field. Our team places high value in a constant refrain of ‘work hard, be kind and have no fear.’ One of our senior designers believes that the journey towards a career in marketing starts with dedication and confidence.

“To anyone considering a career in the marketing field, I would say do your research and start building your network now,” Katie said. “Research everything. The more informed you are, the more confident you will be in all situations.”

Our team members also emphasized the importance of continuing education by taking the time to learn your team member’s roles and conduct individual research on current trends in your speciality. Whether you are new to an agency or exploring a new avenue of the industry, it is important to continually expand your skills and learn from others so you can grow. Our copywriter, Lauren, has learned the value of mentorship throughout her time at Paradigm, seeing how women empower each other and boost productivity as a result.

“Don’t be afraid to work hard and emerge from your comfort zone,” she said. “The best thing I’ve learned is ‘be willing to try anything’ — there will always be others there to support you when you need it.”

The Benefit of a Balanced Workforce 

Some may wonder: why does balance matter in the workplace? Throughout the evolution of Paradigm, our leadership has seen the benefits of a well-rounded team. Our leadership team feels balance brings unique perspectives and backgrounds into strategic decision making for our clients. Our CEO and founder, Michael Huber, reflected on the difference balance makes in Paradigm’s process.

“We contribute our best and most brilliant work when our team enlists a strong gender balance,” he said. “Our perspective is enlightened and our work sings.”

Together, we are one team made stronger by the many diverse experiences and contributions of each woman who has joined us. As the world moves forward, we encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the women in your workplace during Women’s History Month and every day.