This year, Paradigm was a gold-level sponsor for the annual Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC). Not only do we support the conference’s continued growth, we felt it was a great opportunity for our team to engage with some of the biggest conversations happening around the industry. Here’s a quick roundup of the workshops we attended. 

Video Marketing Workshop

Designer John Brobst attended a workshop on video marketing led by Nick Niehaus, CEO of Business Video School. After a great refresher on the basics of video marketing strategy, Nick showed off plenty of new apps for producing, editing and sharing content. And while we generally recommend professional video production for our clients, we’re fielding more requests to coordinate small-scale production on mobile devices in light of COVID-19. 

  • Key Takeaway: New apps and tools are making it easier than ever to tailor video production to client’s needs.


Measuring the ROI in Marketing Workshop

Amanda Berg, Senior Account Strategy Manager, attended a course all about ROI. It’s no secret that marketing is one of the first expenses to be cut after a downturn, but it doesn’t have to be. Led by Jack J. Phillips and Patti P. Phillips of the ROI Institute, this workshop emphasized the methodology of ROI and how it may guide more profitable campaigns. After all, ROI isn’t something you reverse engineer at the very end of a project — it should be a constant consideration from start to finish. 

  • Key Takeaway: If you can’t prove value at the beginning of a relationship, how will you prove it at the end? 


Branding Masterclass

Senior Copywriter Zachary Dodson tuned in for “Branding Masterclass,” led by Deb Gabor, CEO of Sol Marketing. Over the three-hour course, Gabor gave attendees an in-depth look at what it means to engender irrational loyalty with your audience. All brands — big, small, B2B, B2C — should aspire to reach this level of understanding and devotion. Because when the next crisis comes, be it a global pandemic or PR nightmare, those are the brands most equipped to weather the storm. 

  • Key Takeaway: Being different isn’t enough. Your brand must be a true one-of-a-kind.


Email Marketing Workshop

Sam Edwards, Senior Account Strategy Manager, opted to brush up on email marketing. His workshop, led by April Mullen of SparkPost, covered the many factors that go into a successful email campaign. From list management to content design to distribution setup, there’s a ton of strategy that goes into every message before hitting send. But when it’s done well, email marketing is a tremendous way to increase the lifetime value of your customers. 

  • Key Takeaway: Today’s inboxes are more guarded than ever before. 

That’s a wrap for us on MDMC 2021. We’re excited to keep the conversation going around the office as we jump into new digital marketing projects this year. And be sure to visit MDMC’s website to RSVP for next year’s conference!