Paradigm offers advertising and media strategy for business. Our strategies may include email automation, banner advertising, pre-roll advertising, geo-fencing, search engine marketing, print advertising, and a variety of other media.


Advertising + Media Strategy

Visit your favorite website and you’re sure to see banner ads for all kinds of goods and services. Think of these as internet billboards, promoting your business to anyone who might be passing through. Unlike billboards, though, we can be far more selective in who sees your ad, when they see it and what happens after they see it.

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Our team will evaluate your advertising needs and develop a media strategy that puts your ads in front of your target audience and gives them a compelling reason to click. Our favorite digital marketing strategies include:

  • Pay per click (PPC) advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Banner advertising


If finding the right place for your ads is half the battle, finding your target audience is the other. Geo-fences make it easy to display your ads to specific individuals within a specific geographic location, as narrow as a single city block. Let’s say you have a big industry convention coming up, you could set up a geo-fence around the convention center so that attendees engage with your message right on the spot.


Toward the end of your geo-fencing campaign, we’ll implement retargeting strategies to help bring engaged visitors back to your website with a new, compelling message. These ads will target people who clicked on your geo-fenced ad, but didn’t take any action, such as make a purchase or fill out a form.