Go Raise Dough

Go Raise Dough has transformed online fundraising tools for hundreds of schools, churches, athletic clubs and nonprofits. With tried-and-true best practices in fundraising marketing that maximize funds and generate high participation rates, Go Raise Dough gives organizations the tools they need to support their goals.


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  • Logo Design


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The Challenge

As Go Raise Dough looks to expand into new markets, they wanted their storytelling and visual presence to match their professionalism, easy-to-use fundraising software and success stories. They looked to our team to develop their brand voice and visual identity and help them cement their place as the best fundraising platform for nonprofits.


Our Approach


To gain a deeper understanding of Go Raise Dough’s goals for the future, we sat down with them to explore their aspirations and vision. With innovative fundraising software and a mission rooted in helping others through effortless online fundraising, we identified their desire to tell their clients stories and make the tedious job of large-scale fundraising a simpler process.


Brand Positioning

Following discovery, our copywriting team got to work on finding the why behind their brand within fundraising marketing. We solidified five pillars to define their efforts and unique personality traits to take their brand into larger markets.


We framed Go Raise Dough as an “Angel”, who acknowledges something bigger than itself, cultivates belonging and lifts heavy burdens like age-old fundraising practices. This led us to develop their direct yet aspirational promise statement — Reimagine Your Fundraising.


Brand Identity

Our approach to Go Raise Dough’s logo identity encompassed their desire to move the brand forward as the best fundraising platform for nonprofits. Their brand identity needed to convey a look that would transform existing fundraising efforts and help others raise funds to shine a light on their purpose.

The logo came together as a vibrant green heart symbol with three lines showcasing an upward trajectory. Inspired by a rising bar graph and rallying communities together for a common cause, the logo signifies words used in their brand messaging — growth, opportunity and connection. Not only do the colors selected showcase vibrancy and growth, but they also directly elicit a visual representation of the physical dollar with a sharp yet inviting green.



Go Raise Dough’s new branding gives them a professional look while maintaining their dedication to giving the best online fundraising tools to nonprofits and schools. Today, Go Raise Dough has implemented their branding into their promotional materials and pitch decks to garner more clients who will use their fundraising software.

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