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When it comes to fine jewelry, the people behind the counter are as important as what you select from it. For more than 65 years, the team at Hufford’s Jewelry has helped people celebrate life’s special moments with carefully curated, stunning jewelry.


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Referencing the company's rich history, our new logo design for Huffords Jewelry features the iconic horse and driver that had been a part of the brand mark for 30 years.

The Challenge

After 65 years and three generations, Hufford’s Jewelry needed to evolve. Its traditional horse-drawn carriage logo, through printing and reprinting, had become blurred and unclear over the years.

The jeweler approached us seeking a refreshed design that would honor its rich tradition and propel it into the digital world.

The original Huffords logo next to the redesigned logo by Paradigm.

Our Approach

Logo Design

We set out to evolve Hufford’s iconic logo with a refinement and clarity capable of carrying its legacy for another 65 years. We sharpened the logo’s horse, carriage and driver to create a sleek, elegant design that doesn’t compromise the original silhouette. The updated design preserves the original mark’s unique character. Its subtle details elevate the Hufford’s name to embody the timeless art and impeccable craftsmanship of their fine jewelry.

The simplistic yet impactful logo was designed for ease of printing on a wide range of items, including jewelry boxes, product bags, and print advertising.
Details of the Huffords Jewelry logo design.


We also developed a new color palette inspired by precious stones and metals, from gold to platinum to palladium. These earthy tones are a perfect complement to the logo’s deep navy and reflect the origins of Hufford’s jewelry.

A new color palette was developed for the brand development, pulling inspiration from the metals used in the jewelry itself.
The deep navy of the color palette draws from the company's rich history.
Our logo design for Huffords Jewelry was featured in Logo Lounge 10 in 2017.
Our logo design for Huffords Jewelry was featured in Logo Lounge 10 in 2017.


Now sporting a fresh logo, Hufford’s Jewelry is poised to continue its legacy stronger than ever.

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  • Featured in Logo Lounge Volume 10 (2017)


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