Walbrandt Technologies

Walbrandt Technologies is St. Louis’ premier provider of home technology design and automation, with services ranging from home theater design to automated lighting controls.


  • Branding
  • Environmental Design
  • Print Collateral + Advertising
  • Website Design + Development
  • Search Engine Strategy


  • Residental + Commercial Automation
  • Technology
  • Consumer Products + Services
The Walbrandt showroom features the latest in home technology. High quality images are used throughout Walbrandt's marketing materials to show the design of these products and the intricacies of the installation services.

The Challenge

In the technology industry, it’s not about keeping up, but staying ahead. Walbrandt turned to Paradigm to improve its brand recognition and show customers how its home automation technology was years ahead of anything else on the market.

We designed two variations of the Walbrandt logo, to be used on a range of marketing materials.

Our Approach


We began by designing a modern logo for Walbrandt that evoked the same sleek, modern feelings as the company’s technology. Paired with a defined color palette, we executed Walbrandt’s new brand across print and digital collateral, delivering a newly unified identity for the company.

Our brand development process included designing iconology and environmental graphics for Walbrandt's showroom.

Environmental Graphic Design

Walbrandt’s success starts with showing off its technology integrations to people one-on-one. Trade shows provide a great opportunity for these interactions, but Wallbrandt’s old booths weren’t capturing enough foot traffic. We responded with an engaging environmental design that draws people in and takes advantage of the company’s technology to keep them interested.

Environmental graphic design included designing signage for the showroom and designing truck wraps for the company vehicles.
Our environmental design work carried the brand image through the showroom's interior and exterior.

Print Collateral

To complement the company’s marketing efforts at trade shows and beyond, we developed several pieces of print collateral. These flyers, sales sheets and business cards keep the Walbrandt brand in people’s minds long after they’ve left the company’s booth at a trade show.

We designed marketing collateral for Walbrandt Technologies including business cards and stationary.
We also designed promotional collateral pieces to be handed out during events and tradeshows.

Web Design + Development

We developed Walbrandt’s new website with a highly visual approach that would put the spotlight on the smart, sleek living spaces its technologies can create. Translucent dropdown menus allow users to explore Walbrandt’s service offerings without cluttering the banner photos. Rich, in-line imagery on each service page speaks to architects and interior designers and gives them inspiration for their next projects.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As we redeveloped Walbrandt’s website, we implemented search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve the company’s placement on popular search terms, such as “home automation systems” or “smart home technologies.” With new integrations from Apple and Google, the home automation industry is on the rise–and so is Walbrandt’s popularity on search engines.

The responsive website design placed a focus on large, beautiful images showing the spaces that the company has worked on.
We designed the website to showcase the latest technology trends. By featuring social media feeds directly on the site, fresh content is constantly added.


Now with refreshed physical and digital marketing strategies, Walbrandt continues to introduce its customers to the advanced elegance of home automation technology.

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  • 62% Increase in traffic year-over-year
  • 21% Increase in organic search traffic year-over-year
  • 125% Increase in average session duration
  • 48% Increase in pages per session


Forest Park App

In developing the Forest Park mobile app, we created a user-friendly map that highlights the key locations and attractions throughout the park.