OCL Architectural Lighting

It’s not often you consider how the right lighting can tie a room together. But for the experts at Original Cast Lighting (OCL)—it’s all they think about. Transforming reclaimed materials into custom designs, OCL’s pieces light up a room in more ways than one.


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OCL responsive web design and development

The Challenge

With new designs and configurations rolling out all the time, OCL’s website struggled to keep up and organize that product data into convenient spec sheets for customers. It was also overdue for a visual refresh that put its products front and center.

Paradigm was tasked with creating an easier, more inspiring way for architects and designers to browse OCL’s extensive catalog and customize products to their exact specifications.

OCL architectural specs
OCL tablet gallery design

Our Approach

One of our key findings from our discovery process was that OCL’s website has a fairly specific audience: architects, engineers and interior designers. People in these fields aren’t always browsing materials websites for products to buy, but rather products to inspire. It was with this thought that we moved to take cues from luxury designers and lifestyle brands and position OCL’s website as a design catalog for its audience to explore and find their next inspiration.

OCL mobile friendly web design


That exploration starts on the homepage, where visitors are greeted by full-screen photos of room designs accented by OCL products. A slim, minimal navigation system guides users through the site without obstructing the featured imagery. Selecting the Products tab fills the user’s screen with OCL’s five lines of products, giving weight and meaning to their actions while maintaining an intuitive user experience.

OCL tablet web design and development
OCL mobile web design


With a deep product portfolio and hundreds of configuration options, OCL’s website couldn’t be all form and no function. We started by migrating the old website into a new content management system (CMS), allowing OCL to easily new products, features or configurations.

We also built a custom product configurator. Once a user finds the perfect fixture for their next project, they can configure it to their liking right from the product’s page. Once configured, they’re able to download a spec sheet and reference it as they design their next project.

OCL web design and custom designer app
OCL architecture specs


Since flipping the switch on the the new site, OCL has enjoyed steady increases in total traffic as well as total engagement. OCL’s redesigned website is as robust as it is elegant. As the company grows its foothold in the industrial lighting industry, it’s doing so with unparalleled style.

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  • 11% Increase in year-over-year traffic
  • 7% Decrease in bounce rate
  • 29% Increase in mobile usage
  • 3% Increase in time spent on site


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