Telix Pharmaceuticals

Telix Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology startup fighting cancer through research and technology in nuclear medicine. Founded by a diverse team of leading cancer researchers, Telix is preparing a diverse product line of imaging and therapy treatments.


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The illumet (Telix Pharmaceuticals) logo over the header image from the newly redesigned website.

The Challenge

Telix approached us as it prepared to bring its latest product, illumet™, to physicians and pharmacists for use in their government-approved research studies. Illumet is an all-in-one kit for the preparation of Gallium-68, a radioactive isotope that helps image potentially cancerous tumors in prostate cancer patients.

In an age of rapid growth in experimental cancer treatments, illumet offered a nuclear solution that was more targeted and more specialized than competitors. It needed to stand out and immediately convey its message to a highly sophisticated audience.

The illumet kit, developed by Telix Pharmaceuticals for physicians and pharmacists for use in their government-approved research studies.
The illumet kit within its packaging.

Our Approach

Brand Identity

We moved to position illumet in a way that elevates people’s expectations for nuclear medicine. Despite a potentially off-putting name, nuclear medicine is widely considered to be the next frontier in developing more customized, more effective cancer treatments. We believed that illumet should immediately evoke feelings of scientific innovation and personal wellness.

The broad strokes of the illumet logo redesign


Our logo design played on the idea of bringing bright color into a traditionally dry, drab field. Combining a radial gradient with a sleek typeface, the logo attracts attention while still maintaining its pharmaceutical authority.

illumet logo on white background
illumet logo on white background
The contact page on the illumet website (Telix Pharmaceuticals) was developed with lead generation in mind.

Web Design

Our web design followed the same creative mandates we established in the logo design: sleek, modern, research. Nuclear medicine is known for overly complicated, user-unfriendly websites. Illumet, however, is as technically advanced as it is easy to use. We wanted users to see it in this light from the moment they load the website.

Speaking of light, we had some fun with focusing it on the homepage. As its name implies, illumet illuminates cancer-expressing tumors. So on the homepage, mouse tracking moves a spotlight around the homepage as they read through illumet’s core message: casting light on PSMA.

Throughout the website, a clear design and rich imagery connects users to illumet’s message of groundbreaking cancer research. Copy is informative, but approachable as it walks users through illumet’s functionality and benefits. Thoughtfully placed calls to action throughout the site create an intuitive user journey that ultimately drives lead generation.

A mockup of the illumet website on an iPad.
A mobile view of the new, responsive web design for illumet (Telix Pharmaceuticals).
The illumet site strives to inform its audience through clear messaging and visuals.
The illument site's new responsive, web design


Now with an identity and web experience that matches its ambitions, illumet is finding its way into the hands of research physicians and pharmacists across the country.

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