Paradigm offers content strategy, blogging, and copywriting services.


Content Strategy + Copywriting

Given the rise of search engines and social media, your audience could be a click away from your website at any moment. We believe sharing expertly crafted content is one of the easiest ways to spark conversations with your targets that bring them closer to your brand.

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We start by identifying areas where your company can establish itself as a destination for relevant content. From there, we’ll develop a strategy that puts you on track to concept, write and promote that content to channels where your audience will see it. Our copywriting services include:

  • Blog writing
  • Website content
  • Email content
  • Print advertising

Blog Strategy

At the beginning of each month, we’ll deliver a list of proposed blog topics along with a list of assets we need from you in order to bring them to life. Depending on the topic, these might range from images of your products to a 30-minute time slot where we’ll interview you about a unique area of your business.

Content Discovery + Marketing Integration

Before we publish your first blog post, we’ll conduct an extensive review of your company, your audience and your industry in order to develop a content strategy that integrates into your ongoing marketing efforts. This strategy will guide the writing style of your posts as well as the topics they’ll cover. As we put together monthly blog calendars, we’ll identify thought leaders within your organization and feature their expertise on your blog through interviews, quotes and opinion pieces. We’ll also look to your industry and cover any emerging news or technology as they pertain to your audience.