Digital Marketing

Putting you in front of your target audience

A successful digital marketing strategy must encompass all aspects of your brand – from brand identity to messaging.  You need a firm that has a talented graphic design team to create custom social media graphics (cover photos, event promotions, etc.), a tech savvy group of SEO & SEM wizards that can develop the best inbound marketing strategies to get your business found on search. If this is supplemented with dedicated copywriters to ensure your messages coincide with your brand identity, then you have yourself a perfect group of digital marketers. At Paradigm, that’s exactly what you will be able to expect.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is structuring the site so that search engines prefer to show off your website over your competitor’s. Our strategy team provides SEO management and implementation for our clients. We follow SEO best practices and get your site where it needs to be to drive the most organic traffic to the site. Our SEO capabilities.


Search Marketing (SEM) & PPC

SEM & PPC are customizable marketing plans to help drive traffic to the site, and help build SEO. Utilizing both simultaneously brings about great results in traffic and engagement.

Using data analytics, our strategy team will construct the best keyword strategies for your company’s SEM campaigns. We will ensure that the keywords you bid on are relevant to consumers and appropriately priced in terms of price-per-click (PPC).

Looking for an edge in the search engine game? Let’s get started.


Social Media Marketing

Enhancing your brand must be the focus of every social media post you submit. Each social media profile must be enhanced in accordance to that platform for brand to shine through and grab your buyer persona’s attention.

Our strategy team will customize your social media profiles to make them stand out from your competitors. We understand how success is measured in social. We know what makes each platform tick and how to optimize each individual post for maximum reach and engagement.

In other words, we are the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest guerrilla warriors you’ve been looking for. Contact us for information on custom graphics for your social media profiles.

Our social media marketing approach is to enhance your social media platforms with:

  • Search Engine Optimized Content and Message Strategy
  • Editorial Calendaring
  • Interface Branding
  • Profile Templates for Linkedin
  • Custom Application Development for Facebook
  • Website Integration
  • Ad Campaigns

Email Marketing

Paradigm will help you establish, or enhance email marketing systems to allow you to maximize direct marketing opportunities. We will also help you explore cost-effective options to increase website traffic and effective communication with clients and prospects on an ongoing basis. Our Email Marketing capabilities.


Banner Advertising

Want to post a branded message where your buyer persona hangs out online? We can do that too. Banner advertising shows your brand to those who are more likely interact with your business. This customizable message is then placed on sites your buyer persona normally visits. Together, this increases site traffic and brand recognition. Check out our banner advertising capabilities.