Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising

Banner ads are a tool used everywhere on the internet. They have the potential of being on  every site you visit. Getting your brand onto these spaces is a great way to raise brand awareness and funnel of visitors to your website.

Think of banner ads as online billboards for your brand. You want to place your ads in places that will be seen by as many visitors that fit your buyer persona as possible. This doesn’t mean, however, that these ads should be placed on the most heavily populated sites. There’s a careful art to banner ad placement, and the strategy experts at Paradigm have it taken care of.

Our team views data and site analytics to help determine the best ad spots to place your banner ad. Every suggestion is calculated for maximum interaction and engagement with the ad. This includes elements of placement, copy, and design. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to deciding how to market your brand with banner ads.


Using analytics to determine which sites will produce the best results is half of the battle. We can also key into location and time parameters for increased levels of engagement. Our team can carve out an entire portion of a geographical location to show your ad to just that target audience. We can even target specific buildings for a designated amount of time. It’s all about how targeted your company needs its banner advertising to be.


Our strategy team can also implement a re-targeting campaign for your company as well. This campaign targets individuals who have visited your website, but did not take a specific action on your site. For eCommerce sites, this could mean a visitor who did not complete a purchase. For medical, this might be someone who left without scheduling an appointment.

Whatever the reason, we can send a branded message back out to that individual and bring them back in to your site.


There are several strategies you can take when it comes to banner ads. Let’s get together and discuss what your best course of action is.

Let’s get started.