Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an outstanding tool to use for any inbound strategy. For starters, you can target just those individuals who fit your buyer persona, and send them a personalized message through a medium that 85% of the internet-connected world uses. The potential reach here is unlike any other marketing tactic.

It should be understood that email users each have different habits when checking their email. Some are selective with their opening, others open each one and throw out the junk. This presents companies with the challenge of creating a branded message that appeals to their buyer personas and gets them to engage with their website.

Our strategy team looks further than just base metrics like open rates and call-to-action (CTA) click through rates. We perform intensive market research on the products or services offered, and what attracts their customer bases. We customize messaging that is both provocative and informational. Using tactics like A/B testing, we analyze the approach that is producing the most engagement in your company.

Our email strategy team takes the time to personalize these emails to your buyer personas, provide them with enough to peak interest, and attention-grabbing CTAs to get them onto your website to begin engaging with your business.

Our email marketing strategies include:

  • List management and segmentation
  • Content and messaging strategy for improving open rates and click throughs
  • Branded Templates featuring mobile-friendly responsive designs
  • Analytics tracking and A/B testing

Sharpen your message and deliver quality content to your audience. Let’s get started.