Time to Hit Refresh?


When is it time for a brand refresh?

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The age-old adage often holds true in life and in business—but it isn’t without flaws. For one, how do you know something ain’t broke? Think about your brand. Even the world’s most iconic brands reach a point where they lose impact. And that point isn’t always obvious—especially when everything seems business as usual. Over time, though, the cracks will form and you’ll know it’s time for a change.

So today, let’s look at a few clear signs that it’s time to refresh your brand’s identity and reshape its message.

You’ve Changed

There are some moments in business that are truly transformative, like announcing a new product, bringing in a new CEO or changing business models. In many cases, these decisions bring sweeping changes throughout the company that will inevitably alter its vision and values. As you plan these changes, consider how they may be exemplified through new messaging and visuals.

Your Audience Has Changed

People shop with their eyes. Before targeting a new demographic of consumers, consider how your visual identity can adapt to their distinct tastes and preferences. Diet Coke is a great example. When the brand moved to target millennials and women, it introduced sleek packaging, bold flavors and messaging centered on energy and excitement.

The World Has Changed

Sometimes a business changes the world. Sometimes the world changes a business. As we’ve seen with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, certain global events can completely change an organization’s direction.

Three months ago, Germ-X and Lysol were everyday household brands. Now, they’ve been elevated to positions of essentiality. Ford and GM were making cars last month, but now they’re on the front lines of our country’s ventilator shortage. These brands have since updated their current marketing materials to reflect messages of public service and greater good. In times of crisis, it’s up to the organization to take initiative and write the next chapter of their brand.

You Don’t Love It

If you’re a business owner and you feel embarrassed to hand out a business card or send people to your website, it’s a telling sign that your brand is overdue for a refresh. Every time you see your logo or read your tagline, you should feel the same level of pride you hope to instill in your audience.

You’re Not Sure Why You Matter

Brand messaging clarifies your organization’s purpose. If you find yourself struggling to explain why your business is important, or how you’re better than your competitors, just imagine what your customers are thinking. Take the time to create a message that elevates and motivates what you do every day.

You Don’t Stand Out

This one is especially true for retail brands with an in-store presence, but is also an important consideration for B2B brands. Think about your brand in the context of your competitors. Is it easy to tell which one is yours? Is it iconic—even from a distance? Could a customer pick it out if your name wasn’t on it? If you can’t answer with a confident yes, then it’s likely your brand is being lost in the shuffle.

Use this time wisely.

A lot of businesses waste valuable time trying to determine the best opportunity to start vital branding work. In our experience, there’s no time like the present. Invest in your brand now and it will continue to pay dividends when you need it most. Connect with our brand strategists today and let’s start giving yours the attention it deserves.