Turning Up the Volume: A New Website for Contemporary Productions


Website redevelopment for Contemporary Productions. Paradigm recently designed and developed a new website for Contemporary Productions.

Behind every great event is an event planner responsible for coordinating the madness of caterers, music, decor, lighting, venue and so much more. And behind truly spectacular events, that planner is Contemporary Productions.

Contemporary is the name behind such historic events as the 1999 St. Louis Papal Visit and the 2002 U2 Super Bowl performance. We previously designed the company’s website in 2012, but as the company grows its foothold in high-end event planning and entertainment booking, it needed a redevelopment that better reflected the time, expertise and detail Contemporary pours into each event.

Comparison of the old Contemporary Productions site versus the new site.

Contemporary designs unforgettable experiences. Its website couldn’t be anything less.

Our web design process carefully considers the user's journey through the site.

We started with a fresh creative direction inspired by Contemporary’s roots in booking classic rock-n-roll artists like the Grateful Dead and Guns N’ Roses. These were larger than life names that made every newspaper whenever they rolled into a new city. And just before the lights went up, there was a magical feeling of excitement and intrigue in the air. You didn’t know what was coming, but you knew you’d never forget it. We chased that feeling.

The Contemporary Productions site design took inspiration from rock-and-roll and large entertainment publications.

The site opens with a sizzle reel that establishes the scale and scope of Contemporary’s events. Black-and-white pages and bold typefaces hearken back to front-page headlines announcing a major tour. Bright neon accents convey the energy of being under stage lights while drawing attention to important links and calls to action.

Every page is an opportunity to excite, energize and engage.

Each page on the site features a unique template that nods to entertainment publications.

There’s no business like show business. Throughout the site, we took every opportunity to show over tell. With built-in slideshows on event pages, embedded videos on artist pages and rich photography site-wide, Contemporary’s website perfectly demonstrates its mastery of spectacle.

Subtle animations, such as strikethroughs on navigation buttons and highlighted headlines, create the satisfaction of crossing tasks off a to-do list as users browse the site. For many clients, partnering with Contemporary is the first and last thing they cross off their list.

Throughout the site's design, we featured bold imagery of Contemporary's actual events to show the thrill of a well-planned event.

Now with a brand new site that puts its legacy and expertise on full display, Contemporary Productions is set to realize its growth in the high-end event planning and entertainment booking spaces. Visit the site and learn more about how Contemporary can make your next event unforgettable.