Go Raise Dough: Rebranding a New Way to Fundraise


a woman holding an iPhone with go raise dough's green heart logo on a navy screen.

Remember the days going door to door to raise raffle tickets for your kid’s sports team? Or, those late nights at high school phone-a-thons? We have all experienced a time where we needed to raise money for what we do or what we care about…but what if it could be simpler? That’s where Go Raise Dough comes in.

As an online fundraising company, Go Raise Dough has made fundraising easy for schools, sports teams, churches and more for many years. But, they were looking for a partner to help refresh their brand to share their story with new markets.

Mobilizing Their Message

Our copywriting team got straight to work to uncover what makes their brand unique and why they stand apart from the competition. As an online fundraising company, we uncovered their desires to transform community fundraising, utilize technology and form instant connections among those who support a common mission. 

We framed their brand as an “Angel” who serves a higher purpose and guides others toward their highest potential. This was inspired by their passion for serving communities and making the stress of age-old fundraising practices simple with effective digital strategies. This led us to wrap up their message into one direct yet inspirational promise for all who encounter their services — Reimagine Your Fundraising.  

Inspiring their Identity

With heartfelt messaging and a desire to modernize their brand’s look and feel, our design team was inspired to develop a logo that conveys transformation, growth and personal connection. The new logo not only shines a light on its own purpose of making fundraising simple, but it also represents a level of compassion and dedication to all they assist through their fundraising platform. 

The logo emerged as a vibrant green heart symbol with three lines showcasing upward growth. Its stark color is not only easy to spot in a crowd, but it also conveys a sense of connection. Go Raise Dough places care into their work not only for their partners, but also for the communities they fundraise for. The colors also emphasize a direct representation of the physical dollar and the funds organizations are trying to raise in partnership with Go Raise Dough’s online platform. 

Growth in New Markets

Go Raise Dough’s new branding will propel them into a new era for their online fundraising efforts. Today, they have implemented this branding into presentation materials, business cards and more. As they move forward, we hope this new messaging and identity will inspire others to reimagine their fundraising goals and look to Go Raise Dough as a partner for insurmountable growth in their next online raffle. 

To learn more about this project, visit our Go Raise Dough work page.