Time for Some R&R: Recovery + Readiness


There’s no way you could have known how to react to the COVID-19 pandemic. But how to recover from it? That’s still in your hands. Over the last few weeks, we’ve worked with several of our clients to move out of the initial damage control phase and into long-term planning. You should think of this planning process in terms of recovery and readiness—what you’re doing to address the current crisis and how you’ll respond to the next one. Here are just some of the ways we’re helping our clients right now.

Recovery: Reopening Strategy

Remember that your business isn’t the only one that’s waiting to fully reopen. Once governments give the green light, there will be a massive influx of businesses sharing the exact same message: We’re open! So the question becomes: how will your message be different? And how do you know your audience will hear it? As you prepare to reopen, also prepare to invest in organic and paid strategies that cut through the clutter and recapture your audience’s interest.

Recovery: Content Strategy

We’ve partnered with several of our clients to produce original content during the pandemic. Whether you post to your blog, your feed or your channel, keeping communication lines open is key to staying top-of-mind for your audience. Consider ways your organization may contribute to emerging topics like:

  • Health or safety information
  • Quarantine and social distancing
  • Local causes or initiatives

Readiness: Analytics Review

Your website’s data evolves with your business. It’s an immensely important tool that becomes even more relevant when preparing for future emergencies. We recommend a thorough analysis of your web data so that you can begin to understand who’s visiting your website right now, what they’re finding most relevant and when they make the next move in the purchase process. This quantifiable data will lead to key insights about your audience and their needs during an emergency.

Readiness: Website Diagnostics

The last few months have likely given your website some heavy lifting to do. They’ve also likely revealed a few of its weaknesses. When quarantines first went into effect, were you ready to pivot to an online solution? Were you able to relay messages to your customers in a timely manner? Even if you weren’t able to totally prepare for this crisis, you should begin equipping yourself with the tools and technologies to prepare for the next one.

A website diagnostic test is the best way to understand your current site’s performance level and plan for its improvement or eventual replacement. A well-optimized, well-marketed website will always be an advantage during a national emergency, so we recommend starting the planning process now.

Where Should We Start?

Today’s planning is tomorrow’s success. Now that the pandemic’s initial shock has worn off, it’s time your business took a critical look at the future. Connect with our strategists today and let’s start building a multi-pronged plan that positions your business for success long after the coronavirus has passed.