Summer Project: Clean Up Your Email Subscriber Lists

Like many marketing managers, you probably set your email subscriber lists on day 1 and thought “job done.” But just last year, the Huffington Post, among others, reported that “Spray and Pray” emails are a thing of the past. Subscribers Read More

The Challenge: Content Creation

As we’ve suggested, when crafting your email marketing content, proper attention should be given to the subject line, as this is your first chance to capture your reader’s interest. But what about the meat and potatoes of your message? Above Read More

How to Ask for Help

In the world of software, websites and apps, sometimes problems will arise. Knowing how to describe and outline an issue while asking for help is critical for fast and accurate support. By streamlining communications, support request turnaround time will be Read More

It’s Raining Multisites: Franchise Concepts, Inc.

 We recently launched a multisite network of franchise websites for a trio of framing brand leaders: Deck The Walls, The Great Frame Up, and Framing and Art Centre, all housed beneath the umbrella brand, Franchise Concepts, Inc. For the majority of our clients, Read More

2016 Has Had Us Talking

We’re now already a few weeks into the new year, and our industry has done everything but slow down. After our year-end list of favorite things, we wanted to share with you some crazy awesome things that we’ve stumbled across in Read More

Your Blog Can Live Long and Prosper, too.

You have a blog (check). You’re writing for your audience (check). You’re creating great content (check). But just in case, here are some tips to improve your writing. You even have a content strategy that tells a story and helps Read More

4 Ways to Blog While You Work

We know you’re busy, and that pumping out content regularly seems like a tall task. And, we won’t lie to you, a lot of times it is. However, keeping a nice, regularly updated blog will do wonders for your online Read More

We’ve Created a ‘Monster’!

A product’s packaging is the first thing you notice on a store shelf. In that first glance you notice the colors, designs, the logos, and insignia – what you notice about a product is much like a Rorschach test – Read More