5 Ways to Energize Your Brand Strategy


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In business, there are distinct highs and lows in public perception. A brand that once reigned above the competition may become tired, dated or lost in the shuffle of a saturated market. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to evolve your brand strategy to inspire others to take action.

A rebrand may be the opportunity your business needs to generate excitement both among your consumers and within your team. As a branding agency, we’ve provided five steps to follow when the time comes to reevaluate your brand strategy.

1) Conduct a Branding Audit 

Branding is the driving force behind how your company conducts itself and how it is perceived. Perception intertwines with your “why” — why your brand exists and functions day-to-day. Ultimately, brand positioning distinguishes how you are different. A solid brand strategy requires a dual focus on how you are seen externally and internally. Conducting a branding audit will reveal how you can align both perceptions positively.

Internally, a branding audit will reacquaint you with your brand strategy and offer an opportunity to reflect on why you do what you do each day. For example, you may take a step back to review if visual and tonal elements of your brand still represent your company. Consider what image you are projecting to the world, whether that be straightforward and professional or personable and inviting. 

Externally, a branding audit uncovers an opportunity to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Consult your analytics reports for trends in purchase behaviors and website traffic, and review your social media pages to see what consumers say and share.

All of your consumers have an unmet need — a moment of reflection may reveal new angles that will resonate with your audience. While you explore how to define yourself, we recommend partnering with a branding agency to reopen your brand

2) Reevaluate Your Website 

Your website may be your brand’s most valuable touchpoint, yet the internet progresses quickly. In an increasingly digital age, your website may soon become outdated and drive away once-willing customers. Success relies on continually updating your website with new storytelling and technological frameworks that support multiple user journeys. Your website should be fast, easy to navigate and enticing — but it should also be mobile-compliant and ADA-compliant. 

When energizing a website, we utilize design thinking for your benefit. Mobile optimization, ADA compliance, navigation and storytelling all come together to express your brand’s value through an unforgettable user experience. 

3) Establish Consistency

Once you have solidified your brand’s foundation, it’s time to extend your message across platforms. You must convey the same voice and value across platforms — whether that be through social media posts, blog content or specific landing pages. By maintaining commonalities, you will ensure your audience perceives your business with the same promise regardless of which touch point they engage with.

For example, consider an instance where your consumer views a print ad distributed by your company and visits a QR code attached to it. The print ad and the landing page must mirror each other in copy and design. Straying away from your brand strategy with disjointed messaging may confuse your audience or cause them to lose trust in your brand

4) Focus on Relationship Building

Your brand may also boost energy through consumer engagement. Utilizing social media and email outreach will be an effective way to expand your reach. Through these platforms, you may actively engage with your audience and develop a sense of trust. 

A trusting relationship may turn a simple website visit into a conversion, such as adding a sale item to a cart, generating a lead through a form submission or viewing a brand marketing video in full on your home page. These organic marketing tactics only take up a portion of your overall budget, yet they actively encourage conversions.

Guidance from a branding agency will help your business set up key marketing automation tools to make engagement seamless as you continue business as usual. 

5) Examine Your Channels

Most of your interactions with the public rely on marketing efforts. If you believe your brand has lost energy, it may boil down to your marketing budget. Consider two questions as you evaluate: Are your current investments placing you on the path of the most benefit? Are our strategies keeping us at a standstill? Your answers may reveal that it is time to reallocate your marketing efforts. 

Each channel should push you toward your ultimate goals. For example, a B2B company may utilize LinkedIn often to access high-profile business leaders. However, they may not want to invest as much time into Instagram since their target audience is not as active on the platform. 

We recommend examining consumer analytics on each platform and working directly with a branding agency to define a cohesive strategy that will energize your brand strategy and marketing focus within your budget.

Revitalize Your Brand 

Generating excitement with revitalized marketing efforts draws both attention and new consumers to your brand. Whether you start from scratch or refresh your approach to branding, Paradigm is ready to help you energize your brand strategy for success across platforms. Contact our team to revitalize your marketing tactics and expand your reach.