Reopening Your Brand


As you consider ways your brand will evolve from the current pandemic, here are some things to consider before reopening.

As many of our clients begin to open their doors for the first time in months, we’ve been thinking a lot about branding. We see brands as stories—and believe the pandemic has given everyone a new chapter. How you choose to write yours will have a lasting impact on your brand’s relevance in the post-pandemic world. As you consider ways your brand will evolve from the current situation, here are some things to consider before putting pen to paper.


There’s no story without characters. And in the story of your brand, there are plenty of characters to juggle: customers, employees, even competitors. Each of these groups has been changed by the pandemic. It’s a great time to look at your audiences with a fresh perspective and ask questions like:

  • What do my customers need from me now?
  • Is there a new group of customers I can target?
  • How are career seekers looking at my company?

If you’re unsure about the answers to these questions, consider conducting a brand analysis. A brand analysis combines stakeholder engagement, market research and consumer insights to provide a complete picture of your brand’s reputation among key audiences.


Setting is about time and place. Both are critical to how your story is received in the world, but neither are fully in your control. The pandemic has added new layers of complexity to the world, some of which may not be immediately obvious. Understanding and managing these factors will ensure your brand’s message remains clear—even when the setting is less than ideal. Here are some ways to proactively manage them right now:

  • Developing media relations strategies
  • Investing in a crisis communication plan
  • Providing media training for key staff


Your brand is a self-published story. You have to manage where and how it’s promoted. And in the midst of this pandemic, you may have to explore new options and opportunities for getting your name out there. As people adjust to work-from-home lifestyles, the media landscape has changed dramatically. For example, traditional radio is down while streaming radio is on the rise. The key here is to understand where your customers are going—and make sure your brand follows. Consider new additions to your advertising strategy like:

Turn the Page

Although the world may be getting back to business, it’s far from business as usual. The pandemic has created a vital opportunity to reexamine your brand and find new relevance in this uncertain world. Let’s seize it together. Drop us a line and let’s think about ways to make your story a bestseller.