Write on Track: Content Tools for Marketing Automation


Recently, we wrote about how a CRM tool is the lifeblood of any client-driven business and how integrating it with a marketing automation platform is a win-win. With a strategically designed website and an integrated CRM tool, you’re ready to drive visitors to your website with content that tells your brand story and earns an audience. A marketing automation platform is your key to creating and distributing your website’s core content. Let’s take a look.



Email marketing is a great way to deliver a tailored message right to your target’s inbox. Marketing automation platforms make it easy to choose from pre-set templates, or to create a custom one with your brand’s unique look and feel. So whether you’re law firm looking to send a confirmation email or a high school sending a monthly newsletter, a perfect email design is only a few clicks away.

With the template designed, you’re ready to send the email. It’s easy enough to blast out an email to your entire contact list, but some emails should be more targeted. Maybe you have a coupon you want to send to new clients. Or an update for customers who shop at one of your locations. Whoever you’re targeting, you’ll find them more easily with a marketing automation platform.


Everyone loves a blog, but no one likes blogging. We get it. But your blog is a tremendous tool for attracting new visitors to your website who may be looking for what you offer, but don’t know about you yet. Blogs are the easiest type of content to produce, requiring only your time and expertise.

Marketing automation tools make blogging even easier by putting more options at your fingertips with every post. Write and edit posts from within the app, then you’re free to publish to your website or send in an email campaign in just a few steps. Done right, a steady stream of blog content will improve your ranking on search engines and deliver new leads to your business.


A website without a form is a wasted opportunity to capture valuable information about your visitors and keep your sales pipeline fresh. However, forms aren’t one-size-fits-all. They need to be optimized and managed for different goals and different targets. And wouldn’t you believe it, there’s an app for that: marketing automation.  

Marketing automation tools make forms that sync up to your current contact list. Anyone who completes your forms will be added as a contact. If they already were a contact, then you’re able to view when and where they’ve engaged with your website. You can even set up automation rules that sort contacts based on their form submission–but that is a topic for another day. Stay tuned.

Managing your content through marketing automation is an easy way to reach your target, share your story and track their engagement with it. No matter your industry or size, content is becoming increasingly important to getting your business noticed and your customers interested. Get started now. We’ll talk through your needs and develop a strategy that puts your marketing back on track.