How Paradigm Creates Engaging Website Content


As a strategic marketing and graphic design agency, we harness the power of visual content to keep users on each page. One way we ensure user experience is by creating engaging website content — unique design elements that divert your business away from basic templates and draw consumers further into your site. Our design team understands the importance of visual content, using a few strategic tactics to build intrigue and excitement within each visitor. 

1. Harnessing the Power of Negative Space

Our designers often leave negative space around text, graphics and other elements of your digital content. This technique creates order and provides a natural direction for your eyes to follow as you scroll down each page. 

For example, on the Ridgehouse Companies website, our design team left plenty of negative space around text and buttons. This tactic keeps the website content from feeling busy, instead highlighting effective design elements such as contrasting orange buttons and icons. 

With this tactic, small choices may make a large impact. Take Ridgehouse’s case studies page as an example — each photo uses negative space to mimic the logo shape once your mouse rolls over it. This use of space showcases the importance of the visual content available on the page rather than distracting users with superficial elements. As a result, users are more likely to pay attention to the impressive photography the motion compliments.

2. Keeping Key Elements in Motion 

Website content with motion allows users to process information quickly and in a user-friendly manner. A graphic design agency may utilize showreels, background videos or even simple motion graphics to direct user attention. 

In a recent project for Contemporary Productions, our team utilized motion on various pages of the website to add a level of intrigue to the user experience. On the homepage, we added a reel behind the page title to showcase a range of Contemporary’s exceptional work. Further down the page, we highlighted key statistics with numbers that quickly counted up — this tactic showcased the importance of visual content in conveying value, giving off the impression of growth while directing attention to successes.

3. Using Contrast to Our Advantage 

Website content with high contrast is a great way to call attention to different pages and actions. On Brava Lubricants’ website, we demonstrated the power of color by placing bright accent pieces against muted backgrounds. 

Our graphic design agency team used orange and purple elements to add high contrast throughout Brava’s content, bringing attention to graphic elements, buttons and more. The high-contrast colors increase readability for all and direct users to take action. In this instance, contrast draws users to read more about a product or reach out to contact the Brava team.

It’s worth noting the legal importance of visual content. High contrast levels aid in meeting required ADA compliance standards, protecting your business from legal repercussions in the years ahead.

4. Creating Interactivity in Website Content

Website content that prompts interaction keeps users intrigued and on your page — better yet, it encourages users to dive deeper into your website. In our years of business, we’ve found consumers want websites to diverge from the standard. Content captivates when it expands, zooms in or even transforms when you hover over it.

In our work with the Show-Me Institute’s school ranking project, we utilized data visualization elements to encourage engagement with the website. Users can zoom in and out within the map to explore the performance of school districts based on their locations. While this information could have been displayed stagnantly, interactivity allows audiences to learn more with each click. The opportunity for exploration encourages visitors to remember facts and the Show-Me Institute brand by extension.

The Show-Me Institute’s website displays the educational importance of visual content, as an interactive map allows people to navigate to the information they want and encourages information retention.

Craft Extraordinary Website Content

Engaging website content helps you go beyond the basic function of a website. Rather than simply mirroring competing brands, viewers perceive that you’re different from the rest upon the first click. An experienced graphic design agency elevates your platform to stand the test of time and convert along the way. 

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