The Power of an Ongoing SEO and Content Strategy


blue background with white echo lines. A white chess piece represents ongoing seo and content strategy in digital marekting

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are ever-changing. They bend to the will of your audience’s interests, algorithm updates and keyword competitors, yet many business owners underestimate the value of an ongoing SEO and content strategy because results are not always immediate.

While SEO often rarely earns next-day results, consistent efforts compound to earn real growth for those who are dedicated to developing dynamic content and strong SEO. In 2023, we were able to help a diverse group of our SEO-focused clients achieve and exceed their unique goals in organic search through data-informed strategies and monthly optimizations. 

In this blog, we will explore three specific client case studies that show how using our ongoing SEO services over the course of a year produced successful results.

Our website only appears for branded search terms. How do we improve our ongoing SEO and start appearing in more valuable, commercial searches? 

For those in the personal injury law industry, they have one goal in mind: how do we get new cases or new clients? For one of our long-time personal injury law firm clients, they wanted to target a specific area of the personal injury space and elevate their overall search capabilities. Our client came to us to help them find a way to rise in the rankings, increase organic traffic and drive conversions that would help them gain more personal injury clients.

“Our objective in 2023 was to push their website beyond branded keyword rankings and into the realm of commercial, industry search,” our SEO Strategist Hannah said.

As their pages rose in the rankings, we looked for other opportunities to increase website growth by continually assessing their ongoing SEO and content strategy. Our team revisited older blogs to update specific keywords, refresh links and update yearly statistics. By simply refreshing pages that were close to the top 10 rankings, we were able to see a year over year increase in their organic traffic across the website by over 70 percent. 

“We dedicated ourselves to a consistent schedule of monthly on-page optimizations and a SEO-conscious blogging strategy, and it executed improvements, month after month,” she said. “Now, looking back on 2023, we’re thrilled to see the massive gains this provided to our client’s organic traffic and overall first-page rankings.” 

By diversifying their keyword strategy across their entire website, we were able to help them increase the diversity in their rankings and appear in more commercialized searches. This helped their website visitors find more valuable content based on their search query rather than solely directing them to the home page.  

We have a niche product to offer my audience. How do we grow our website’s top 10 search results with ongoing SEO?

When you are marketing to a hyper-specific audience, a targeted, dynamic content and SEO is even more apparent to guide new people to your website. For our client in the manufacturing industry, we constructed a direct keyword strategy to target words centered on their main products: bulk rock salt and bag salt products. 

At the beginning of 2023, our client had few rankings for industry keywords in the Top 10, which is Google’s first page of search results. After reviewing their ongoing SEO services, website content and exploring possible keywords and on-page strategies, there was a significant list that our client could rank for. All it took was some simple copywriting updates that integrated keywords with high volume and low difficulty. 

“When we write or update website pages for clients, the most important strategy we utilize is uniting keywords with compelling and precise content,” our Senior Copywriter Mary said. “This produces fruitful results for our ongoing SEO clients year after year.”   

After adjusting site content to better reflect valuable search terms in our client’s industry, we set to work on monitoring and continuing to optimize their website’s content and ongoing SEO strategy. In the half-year since these changes were implemented, our client’s number of Top 10 results have tripled – resulting in more qualified prospects landing on-site. 

Our website has good traffic and a high-authority score. Can we still improve our ongoing SEO strategy? 

When your website’s search authority and organic traffic levels are consistently above average, it can be difficult to pinpoint remaining avenues for growth of dynamic content and SEO. For one of our healthcare industry clients, they proved in 2023 that even great SEO may be improved further over time.

“With a high-authority website producing 10 to 15 industry-relevant blogs per month, our health client already had the benefit of bountiful traffic,” Hannah said. “But small changes can make a big difference, and even the best websites need to update regularly for their ongoing SEO services.” 

Our team went to work, searching our clients’ website with a fine-toothed comb for opportunities to better adhere to current best practices and update on-page strategies. We conducted a website audit to address opportunities for growth such as revising page headers, adjusting keyword strategies and reviewing backlinks. In doing so, we were able to take an already-successful website and give it an added boost in the current market. 

“By the end of 2023, we had reached an additional number of people through search engines — roughly a 13% increase from 2022’s numbers,” she explained. “And thanks to a site-wide strategy update, traffic gains benefitted pages throughout the website on both blogs and service pages.” 

Ready to transform your Ongoing SEO and Content Strategy in 2024? 

Your ongoing SEO and content strategy does not have to be daunting. From small SEO changes over time to a brand-new SEO strategy, our team of SEO specialists and copywriting experts will assess your goals and help you determine the best plan of action in the new year. Contact us today and see where your ongoing SEO and content strategy will grow in 2024.