To Someone, Every Business is Essential


Every business is essential to someone.

We’re All Essential

To someone, every business is essential.

To the employee, it is the food on his table or the roof over his head.

To the fourth-generation owner, it is the legacy of her forebears and hers for her children.

To the man that built it from a dream, it is his identity and passion.

To the client, it is the partner that helps them achieve more.

Business Is Connective

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen businesses of all sorts labeled “essential” in the interest of public health. But let’s not trivialize the significance of every business to someone—often to many. The interconnectedness and layered relationships that exist throughout the business world mean that nothing happens to one without rippling through the economy to be felt by others. At their core, businesses are the people that make them work.

Essentiality Is Earned

For 25 years, through good times and bad, Paradigm has helped companies explain how and to whom they are essential. Through the fog of information overload, we bring focus and clarity to your message. The COVID-19 pandemic will subside, and when it does, your customers will return ready to make progress toward new or existing objectives.

If you want to be part of those objectives, then you need your audience to believe in your business the way you do. Opportunity may grow out of a message of help and hope as a reminder to customers that you are essential to them and to others. What are you doing to adapt? How are you soothing fears and inspiring optimism? Now, as ever, you must connect with those to whom you wish to be essential.

Partnership Is Key

That’s where Paradigm steps in with trusted expertise and exemplary service. Here are just a few ways we can emphasize your relevance to customers and move your business forward during the coronavirus.

  • Worried about making a misstep around a sensitive subject? We will help you shape a message that is timely, sensitive and effective.
  • Leverage what you have in place by adding a page to your website explaining how you have adapted to the current situation and how you are prepared to help your customers and others.
  • Connect with customers through an email with helpful information or an optimistic message.
  • Undertake a social media campaign with relevant information for your customers or the public at large.

Uncertainty applies to situations, but it doesn’t have to apply to our reaction to it. Confident people find opportunities when and where they are unexpected. We look forward to helping your business navigate the current situation and reemerge with clarity and momentum.