Targeted Tactics for Immediate Impacts


Social media can be one highly targeted marketing tactic to reach your audience effectively.

By now, the COVID-19 pandemic’s initial shockwaves are wearing off and conversations nationwide are turning toward recovery. But remember—recovery doesn’t mean normalcy. As you open your doors and plan your marketing, the competition for your audience’s eyes and ears will be higher than ever. That’s why we’re recommending our clients take advantage of more targeted marketing tactics. Here are a few of our favorites that we believe will be instrumental for driving revenue in the months ahead.

List Segmentation

Most businesses have an email list of customers and leads that’s only grown larger over the years. However, most aren’t using that list to its fullest potential. List segmentation is an effective way to divide your contacts into smaller, more actionable lists. You could segment a list by:

  • Demographic
  • Position in the sales funnel
  • Industry
  • Past purchase behavior
  • And so much more…

List segmentation helps you push the right messages to the right groups at the right times. As you make your lists, we recommend validating them using your website’s analytics. Your analytics will help you understand important information like who’s visiting your site and what they spend time looking at. It’s a simple cross-reference that can make a huge difference in how you allocate your annual marketing spend.

Paid Search

With more people staying home, search traffic is on the rise. This creates an excellent opportunity to deploy search engine marketing campaigns that drive traffic and generate sales. Although paid search campaigns require monitoring and adjustments over time, they’re more affordable than you might think. They also grant in-depth targeting capabilities that give you more control over who sees your message, allowing you to maximize efforts on those customers with the highest ROI.

Social Media Marketing

People are relying on social media now more than ever to connect with their loved ones during the pandemic. The spike in usage is exactly why we’re encouraging our clients to add paid social media advertising to their marketing strategies. Social media ads come with highly granular demographic and psychographic targeting capabilities. They’re ideal for action-oriented campaigns, such as generating sales, scheduling consultations or increasing sign-ups.

Be Creative. Be Specific.

The ROI on mass-media marketing will diminish as the world comes back online and traditional channels become overrun with awareness-oriented messaging. As marketers, this is a clear sign that we must shift our efforts toward tailored messaging and detailed targeting. By bypassing the public at large and focusing only on a few key audiences, you’ll maximize the potential of your marketing dollars while making a stronger impression on everyone you encounter. Let our digital marketing team help you get started with a free consultation today.