A Peek Inside Paradigm’s Creative Team


Paradigm's Creative Team

A truly creative marketing agency finds inspiration in countless means — from lessons learned throughout a long career to developments in the marketplace. Paradigm’s creative team knows this all too well. Our copywriters and designers combine their disparate professional experiences to work in harmony across projects. 

Our collective expertise spurs eye-catching designs and impactful storytelling. Read on to explore the processes, insights and more that form Paradigm’s creative output.

Inspiration in the Unexpected

A brand’s story isn’t pulled out of thin air. Instead, it’s molded carefully around an organization’s history, culture and aspirations. Needless to say, copywriters often find inspiration in the writing styles used in the books and articles they consume. But in the journey to find your brand’s core, unexpected sources may push a creative marketing agency in one direction. 

“When you put yourself in a client’s shoes, you find yourself looking to surprising sources of inspiration,” our copywriter said. “Popular media, life experiences and day-to-day emotions may all be starting points for my messaging.” 

However, our creative team’s most valuable source of inspiration is the clients themselves. Though they may not know what they want, discovery sessions provide opportunities to listen carefully for central motivations and unspoken desires. Our designers often note common qualities across a workforce that become the basis for the extraordinary.

“I will pull out words or phrases from our conversations and theme design options from there,” our creative director shared. “Building off core beliefs seems to be most lucrative for me during the creative process.”

For instance, our creative marketing agency discovered that Contemporary Productions was viewed as a “problem-solver” by its audience due to its decades of expertise in booking and production. Our designers pulled this sentiment throughout its new website to focus almost entirely on imagery. Taking a “show” rather than “tell” approach, the design team spotlighted the unforgettable nature of its events. Videos included timelapses, massive crowds and events with big-name brands. 

In Paradigm We Trust 

While the creative process varies by person, our collaborative nature remains the same. Paradigm’s creative team works hand in hand to ensure messaging and design mesh seamlessly. Our halls transform into a marketplace of ideas, all ready to be reimagined.

“If there is one thing our team does well between our disciplines, it’s collaboration,” our senior copywriter shared. “We have great communication on how content will live in harmony alongside design.” 

In line with this, constructive criticism has become a key tenant of our creative marketing agency. Paradigm’s team empowers each other to find approaches to problem-solving. Always crossing their disciplines, designers identify pieces where the story loses momentum and copywriters note design elements that may not grab your attention. 

“I love getting feedback on my designs and collaborating with the copywriters,” our senior designer shared. “When I am stuck on a design, my team is always willing to take time and offer a different way to look at a problem.”

For our annual print pieces for Saint Louis University, our creative team works extensively to make each edition different from the last. Together, we explore new writing formats and design elements to differentiate publications for the Research Institute, School of Medicine, School of Education and Richard. A Chaifetz School of Business

Insights Over the Years

Paradigm’s creatives vary in experience level. Some act on nearly two decades of experience while others maintain the fresh eyes that only come in the early years of a career. The variety present in our creative marketing agency keeps curiosity and continual improvement at the forefront. 

“15 years into my career, I continue to grow as a designer,” our senior designer said. “Our creative team offers new insights, presents new ideas and pushes betterment in areas of design that I may have not excelled in before.” 

In their years together, designers have shared differing expertise in animation, environmental design and more. Meanwhile, the copywriting team has strengthened their skills in client-specific style guides, tone of voice customizations and more. 

Predictions for the Creative Marketing Agency 

In 2023, the boom of generative AI became a topic of near-constant coverage. Keeping up with the headlines, we saw a new landscape for creative marketing ahead. We believe that one day, agencies across the U.S. will use AI to reach new heights in productivity. However, each creative marketing agency will ride on the persistent value of human creativity.

“The digital landscape is ever-changing,” our senior copywriter said, “As more AI resources emerge, we will continue refining our craft so our minds stay sharper than the machines.” 

Our creative team predicts custom pieces will soon attract those who want to stand out from the generative AI landscape. Rather than replicating content already present, brands will continue to seek stories and visuals that are wholly their own. 

“As the years go on, I see custom design being attractive to clients who are more serious about their growth and acquisition,” our senior designer said. “Standing out will always be important in the digital space.” 

Beyond Our Creative Team

For the past 28 years, Paradigm has become essential for ambitious brands. Paradigm’s creatives exist as one facet of our expertise. Our technologists and strategists also offer comprehensive services for brands across industries. Our creative marketing agency team considers your brand in all dimensions, using collective insights to inform your marketing strategy.

Your journey toward the extraordinary starts with a conversation. Contact Paradigm to reimagine your brand with our creative team today.