The Why Behind a Website Refresh


The Why Behind a Website Refresh

Your website is the primary touchpoint prospective consumers will have with your brand — and in this case, first impressions are everything. The user needs to have a wholly positive experience with your platform’s functionality, aesthetics and more to choose your brand over another. Investing in a full website refresh is your brand’s best chance of standing out in a sea of endless options. 

Read on to uncover the benefits of website redesign and how Paradigm’s comprehensive approach helps you reach your goals.

Inside Consumer Minds 

A website is the most immersive digital brand experience you may undertake. However, digital interactions need careful attention to reel your audience in. It takes only 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion of your website and, more importantly, whether they will stay or leave. 

But digital interactions are driven by more than what you see — it may be a wide gamut of content considerations beyond design, including navigation, messaging and functionality. 

Many marketing agencies receive micro-requests for website updates to cut costs. Though it seems simpler to change a few graphic elements or update small chunks of your messaging, all moving pieces of a website lean on each other. To reach results in the website redesign process, your brand cannot update one element without creating a stark contrast. 

For example, updated graphics throughout your website may convey modernity at surface level — but slow load times and broken links may reveal that your brand is behind the times. 

A full website refresh merges expertise across all applicable departments, including creative, development and strategy. Paradigm’s marketing experts help you define your goals, understand the benefits of a website redesign and use tangible services to help you get there. 

Reinforcing Your Brand

Your social profiles may introduce your mission to consumers where they scroll, but ultimately your website is where they will go to learn more. Many brands struggle to keep messaging, tone and visual elements consistent. Beyond that, they may find it challenging to strike a balance between showcasing their brand identity and providing concise, poignant information. 

For example, your brand may divide writing responsibility among different staff members. Though they all attempt to share similar messages, their tone of voice and word choice vary, leading to inconsistencies between pages. Your audience will quickly pick up on the differences and may question your professionalism.

One of the many benefits of a website redesign is that it creates a definitive backbone for all future marketing efforts. During a website refresh, our copywriters take time to carry engaging yet consistent messaging throughout each page. Meanwhile, designers create graphics that complement your brand’s message rather than distracting from it. 

Converting Your Audience

The end goal of a website refresh is driving a conversion, such as a phone call, an email, a form submission or a purchase. However, many brands struggle to increase conversions with dated sites due to: 

  • Poor Website Performance
  • Complex Checkouts 
  • Lack of Trust Signals
  • Ineffective Product Pages
  • Insufficient Customer Support

One of the benefits of a website redesign is that an agency will put many hands on deck. During a website redevelopment, copywriters, designers, developers and strategists assess your site to determine the root cause of low conversions. From there, our website redesign process gives us an outlet to tailor CTAs, navigation and more to make conversions straightforward rather than time-consuming.

Improving the User Experience

User experience determines how your audience will interact with your site. When approaching a website refresh, the Paradigm team assesses your platform for the core tenants of proper user experience, such as: 

  • Responsive Design 
  • Streamlined Navigation
  • Optimized Performance
  • Concise Messaging 
  • Clear CTAs
  • Eye-Catching Design

Poor user experience may tarnish your brand’s reputation — ruining trust, decreasing conversion and ultimately impacting your business negatively. One of the benefits of a website redesign and redevelopment is that we assess your website in full, creating a positive user experience free from holdups. 

Understanding Your Market

After a successful website redesign process, your brand will have integrated analytics tools to track visitor behavior, such as page views, time spent on site and conversions. Analyzing this data provides valuable insights into how users interact with your website, what content they find most engaging and where they may encounter obstacles or issues.

Business owners may struggle with navigating their Google Analytics 4 platform — or measuring the analytics that matters most. Our strategists come to understand your goals with analytics tracking and set up your platform to measure events that are most important to you. 

Incorporating Accessibility Features 

Many brands fail to realize that their website needs to meet certain accessibility features defined by the ADA. Your website should be ready to reach a broader audience, including individuals with disabilities, older adults and those using assistive technologies. 

Paradigm’s website redesign process ensures that your website meets the standards outlined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) before it goes live. We utilize a website refresh to make your brand equitable through accessibility features, such as: 

  • Alternative Text for Images
  • Keyboard Navigation Options
  • Clear Content Structure
  • ADA-Complaint Contrast Levels 

These features make your brand feel more inclusive — but they also protect you from legal trouble down the line. If your website is non-compliant, you may face hefty fines from the ADA and lawsuits from users. Generally, we’d advise being proactive in maintaining your website accessibility to protect yourself in the long run. 

Increasing Your Rankings 

Another one of the benefits of a website redesign and redevelopment is that your messaging may be optimized to reach new audiences through search. Brands do this by carefully selecting key phrases with high volume and low difficulty, meaning that many people search for this term but you have lower rates of competition from other websites. When done tactfully, regular optimization may cast your net to new networks of consumers by placing you high on the search engine results page. 

When undertaking a website refresh, our strategy team sifts through options and identifies search terms that are both applicable and attainable. Our copywriting team then dives into your content to incorporate keywords while following best practices in optimization. By the end of our website redesign process, your brand will experience improved visibility with more organic traffic and greater overall brand exposure. 

Creating Industry Authority 

A blog on your website provides the opportunity to engage with your users time and time again. Valuable content demonstrates credibility, relevance and professionalism to your target audience. Beyond that, regularity signals that your brand is actively engaged and invested in providing resources to those you serve. 

As added benefits of website redesign work, Paradigm copywriters create ongoing blog content for your website. Our team creates valuable content that mirrors your established tone of voice and matches the expertise of major competitors in your industry. 

Start Your Website Refresh

More than a partner, Paradigm is a collective of diverse marketing expertise. Our strategists, creatives and technologists create robust digital platforms that differentiate your brand upon first click. Have a website refresh project for us? Contact Paradigm to start our comprehensive website redesign process.