Pinterest for Retail: Are You Missing Out?

Pinterest has quickly grown from just a smorgasbord of wedding ideas to the mecca of retail marketing.  A recent study released by Forbes found that “pins” on Pinterest actually drive sales; each pin on average, is worth about 78 cents. Read More

Mainstream Money

The last few months, stories of the virtual currency phenomenon have flooded our newsfeed. Is it good?  Is it bad?  What are we really supposed to believe and it this all worth the risk? We’re here to dive deep into Read More

This Week in Digital | 1.13.14

1. Lookback The success of an app largely depends on ensuring it boasts optimal user experience. Lookback is now allowing you to experience your app with  the user.  Not only can you watch a recording of the user, you can hear their Read More

Show-Me Paradigm

In November, the Show-Me Institute launched its Paradigm-built web app Show-Me Data is an interactive web tool that gives users access to an enormous compilation of state-by-state data and lets them build visualizations using the data. For example, if you Read More

Behind The New SLUH Branding

Earlier this year, SLUH came to Paradigm with a problem. Their logo seemed tired and outdated, and consistency of logo usage was beginning to become a real problem. After discussing these issues with SLUH, Paradigm concluded that a rebrand would Read More