Jill A Silverstein


Project Task

Jill A. Silverstein is an independent lawyer, specializing in employment law, family law, and civil rights in the St. Louis area. Paradigm was tasked with creating a mobile responsive, and contemporary website.

Client Goals

Going against the grain, the website aimed to steer away from the traditional, buttoned-up stereotypes of the legal profession. Jill Silverstein wanted a website that showed her human traits – to be seen as an approachable, and empathetic partner in difficult cases.

Target Audiences

With her new site, Jill A. Silverstein has two separate audiences to appeal to:

  • Potential clients
  • Peers and fellow attorneys

Taking both into consideration, content for the site needed to be easy to read for laypeople seeking legal counsel on their own. However, to portray knowledge and experience to fellow lawyers, who may refer new clients to Jill’s practice, the copy needed to be professional and clearly outline accomplishments and previous work.

The Results

Taking the legal profession into the modern age, Jill Silverstein’s new website is mobile responsive and uses sleek imaging, smart use of bold type faces, and unique design elements. The site also pays homage to the history of the profession, through carefully selecting meaningful photos of civil rights landmarks.

Through the use of personal quotes and newly taken, friendly headshots of Jill Silverstein, the site has a personable element. This positions Jill as a true partner in her cases, as a human support system for her clients, whereas many attorneys come across as unapproachable. 

Bringing it all together, Jill Silverstein’s new website is cutting-edge and professional, without coming across as cold.