Spectracide Bug and Weed Identifier Mobile App

United Industries came to Paradigm to optimize their “Bug and Weed Identifier” mobile app for iOS. Aside from a data restructure on the back end, we helped rethink the interface to make the experience from identifying a pest, solution, and point of purchase as seamless as possible.



Blocking gave us the advantage of looking at an aerial view of the app. Not only were we accounting for all the elements and interactions on all screens simultaneously, but we were also able to maintain a cohesive flow. This allowed for clean, focused paths, with the agility to jump around without being isolated into any one corner of the architecture.

A Social Home

The home screen was presented as minimally as possible for a focused experience. Outside of the color play, the branded art pulled directly from the Spectracide Facebook page’s cover photo, allowing seamless digital experience without the backend maintenance.

To further integrate the brand’s unique Facebook content, the bottom of the page includes post cards the user can quickly swipe through, explore, and jump off to Facebook for more.

On the Hunt

Searching Bug or Weeds provides the user with a list of pest cards from the database, based on time of year and geographic location. These results are easily filtered based on size, ability to fly, and indoor/outdoor choices. Those filters immediately repopulate the list, giving the users the most appropriate selection of results.

Changing Seasons

Because the search for bug and weed pests data varies throughout the year, it was important for this changing of the seasons to be reflected visually as well. Each season is tied to a unique color that floods the app’s interface. The season is also noted at the home bar with tulip, sun, leaf, and snowflake icons.

Find and Purchase

Upon selecting a pest, the user will enter into a dossier card with useful information. What follows is a list of recommended Spectracide products based on location. The transition to purchase is seamless with both ‘find a location’ and ‘buy it now’ options.

Ask the Experts

For those rare occasions when the user can’t seem to identify their suspect, the “Ask an Expert” feature allows for a photo upload and question input. This will go to the brand’s teams of scientist who will personally review and respond with an ID and info within 48 business hours.